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The Daily Hotness: Welcome to the Young Scot

2013-08-22 23:59:00·  2 minute read   ·  Darren Nakamura@Dexter345

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A new video series debuted today, and it's made by a guy who has been around as part of the community for as long as I could remember. Watch as Jamie McGinn sets an absurd goal for himself in Team Fortress 2 in the opening episode. If you like it, give him some suggestions for the future!

Otherwise, Conrad and Jordan continued their Daily Spelunks, the Podtoid crew released another episode, Jim did some more playing of Gone Home, the staff in Office Chat talked about gamescom, and all the while Dale has been bringing us a ton of coverage of the European event.

Destructoid Original: 
Generous gifts of the goddess - The Daily Spelunk
Challenge Scot: Team Fortress 2 - The Worst Spy
Podtoid 266: Moldy Bread Cunnilingus
Gone Home - Now Bloody Playing Pt. 2
Everybody's happy about gamescom (well, almost)
Destructoid Golden Classics: The Mega Man Maker

Community blogs of 8/22
Forum thread of the day: The Destructoid Spelunky League - post your Daily Challenge scores here

Telltale 'still exploring' how The Wolf Among Us will end

Vision Gran Turismo: from people who love cars
Will you get DriveClub for free? Or on Blu-ray?
Gran Turismo 6 online play improved from fan feedback
EVE Valkyrie was the best thing I saw at gamescom
Murasaki Baby is strange and wonderful
gamescom: Forbidden Hotline Miami 2 interview questions
Resogun is a blast, lets you throw humans

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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare confirmed for PC
Nintendo Download: it's a Street Fighter II bonanza
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is a PS4 exclusive
inFamous: Second Son releasing in February 2014
Rainbow 6: Patriots is still in production, says Ubisoft
The new Shadow Warrior is out on September 26
Populous and Red Alert 3 join Humble Origin Bundle
Aksys throwing a sale on 3DS and Vita digital shops
You can remove the outlines in Smash Bros. 3DS
Ryse will have multiplayer microtransactions
Original announcer will be in new Killer Instinct
Wind Waker HD's Hero mode, fixed Triforce hunt, and more

Gotta get back in time! Chrono Trigger Symphony is out
ScrewAttack's Craig and I sing DuckTales...

I love the fashion in Lightning Returns: FF XIII
I'm starting to come around on Dead Rising 3
So here's what Dead Island: Epidemic looks like
Stick to the shadows in this Assassin's Creed IV trailer
Destiny looks so goddamn gorgeous
Battlefield 4's 'Levolution' is such a horrible buzzword
Chivalry teams up with Deadliest Warrior for expansion
Yep, it's pretty: New CryEngine demonstrated
Sonic Lost World special edition features NiGHTS bosses
Let's take a look at the non-swappable new Skylanders
Yatagarasu gets a new name, coming to the PS Vita


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