The Daily Hotness: War eyebrows

Kratos is angry and he’s coming for you on March 16. Be prepared.

Dale looks at how the iPad will affect gaming, BioShock 2 won’t have LAN or dedicated servers, the Bad Company 2 demo is out on Live, the Japanese box art for Super Street Fighter IV rules, go sign up for the Command & Conquer 4 beta and more happened on 01/28/10.

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iPad: Likely to change gaming, just not yours


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Forum of the day: INFECTION: A Destructoid forum game

BioShock 2 won’t have LAN or dedicated servers
‘Return to Ostagar’ DLC to hit next week, no seriously
Valve might need a few Macintosh and Linux engineers
PSA: ACII ‘Battle of Forli’ DLC won’t have Achievements
Metro 2033 gets release date, limited edition
Monster Hunter Frontier: Details on cross-platform play
Epic’s Mark Rein is ‘impressed with the iPad’
First-party titles: 47 percent of Wii sales in 2009
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 MP demo hits Xbox LIVE
Activision partners with GOG to bring back the classics
CD Projekt’s They has been put on hold
Samurai Warriors 3: Gackt, 80,000 more at festival
Angry Kratos face confirms God of War III for March 16
Mega Man ZERO Collection announced for North America
February Guitar Hero DLC brings Sabbath and more
PSA: Sign up for Command & Conquer 4 beta now
PSN Update: Get your Uncharted 2 demo
What? No plans for a Tales of Vesperia PS3 US release?
I climaxed: After Burner Climax confirmed for US by ESRB
Heist development canned by Codemasters
Throw a perfect game in MLB 2K10, win $1,000,000
Hey, El Presidente: Tropico 3 hits 360 on February 16
Newegg has a huge selection of $10 Xbox 360 games
BioWare aims for ‘system seller’ status with every game
Kotobukiya coming out with two Lost Planet 2 mech figures
Persona 4: Teddie’s head came off!
Keflings developer announces A World of Keflings
Space Ark is probably the cutest Arkanoid-like game ever
Buy the Kratos Fury Slurpee at 7-11, get free GoW III DLC

Watch another person kill people in Bad Company 2
Dead to Rights pre-order brings dog camo, explosive guns
Yeah, so about Aliens vs. Predator…
‘Secret Armory of General Knoxx’ Borderlands DLC revealed
Explore the death-dealing weapons of Red Dead Redemption
Comparing Super Street Fighter IV box art by region
BioShock 2 strat guides are serious business
Take a tour through baseball in this MLB 2K10 trailer
Footage of Irrational’s canned zombie apocalypse game
Excella devastates in new Resident Evil 5: GE videos

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