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Good on camera? Live in the San Francsico Bay area? Willing to relocate? Well then, have we got the job for you! Yes, we’re looking for someone to star on a new video project with Revision3. Check out this post to see what we need from you!

Sundays with Sagat was on a Wednesday, Andrew looks at how games should play the player, the latest Bit Transmission is now out, Nick reviewed DeathSpank, Killzone 3 gets four-player co-op, Hotel Dusk sequel revealed and more happened on 07/14/10.

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Forza 3 gets ‘World Class’ cars, free Mitsubishi Colt
BioWare: Nintendo ‘trumped everyone’ with 3DS
Former XBLA title Hoopworld coming to WiiWare next week
Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword aiming for ‘early 2011’
The Last Story may be Sakaguchi’s final game
Rumor: Leaked images show updated Xbox 360 dashboard
Quantic Dream working on two new projects
Layton’s Unwound Future now unwinds on September 12
Schafer wants Kotick to stop being a ‘total prick’
Newest Harry Potter game may support Kinect
PlayStation minis: 1 million downloaded
Sonic Colors is for kids, Sonic 4 is for grown-ups
Sengoku Basara dev: Girls don’t like disgusting violence
Hotel Dusk sequel, Face Training listed in press release
Hulu Plus available for ‘select’ PS Plus members today
What the F: Grip-It slip prevention analog stick covers
Japanese developers are jizzing over 3DS
GameStop giving away free Dragon Quest IX map
Blacklight: Tango Down 2 confirmed … seriously
Sony: 3D could make you a little bit better at games
Watch the recording of echochrome II’s soundtrack
Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes dated for October 12
EA: Arnold Schwarzenegger is a hypocrite
Free App of the Day: Invaders World Tour
Microsoft bringing Kinect, Halo: Reach to Comic-Con
Killzone 3 getting four-player co-op mode
Kmart to feature user-submitted game reviews in stores
Game Room gets Gyruss, Barnstorming, and more
DJ Hero 2 song list to include 2Pac, Stevie Wonder, more
We nearly made Batman: Arkham Asylum’s art director weep


A Metroid: Other M gameplay trailer with pew pew pew
Classic Atari 2600 game Haunted House getting 3D update
Medal of Honor’s Limited Edition gets a trailer
New Vanquish screens look absolutely f*cking gorgeous
Check out the new Heat and Bulls in NBA Jam
Natural Selection 2 playable alpha starting soon

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