The Daily Hotness: The nerd brain

It’s funny how different a nerd’s brain is compared to other people. You start to see weird stuff in your everyday life. Like just the other day, I saw a lady leaning against a pole. My mind instantly thought of Custer’s Revenge and, well, you probably know what I thought of next. 

The Destructoid community interviewed developers of The Maw, Goonsquad took down EVE’s Band of Brothers, Street Fighter IV is getting DLC clothes, Left 4 Dead is getting new DLC, Battlefield 1943 and Bad Company 2 were announced and plenty more happened on 02/05/09.

Destructoid Originals:
Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin: Animal Crossing
My closet imploded on top of me. Also, Rhythm Tengoku
The Memory Card .53: The nuclear blast
Community interview: The Maw developer, Twisted Pixel

C Blogs of 02/05/09
Forum of the day: Who the hell are you? (Pictures thread)

DC Universe Online
Deadly Creatures
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II

Show off your Street Fighter IV skills with Dtoid at Community Vibes

Killzone 2 demo to launch at around 5pm UK time
Netflix Instant Watch on 360 saps 2,853 years worth of productivity
Sony: We have to suffer because boxers punch each other
Halo Wars demo is all up in your Xbox Live
Killzone 2 preorders hit 1.1 million in Europe
Konami says sales and profits are up, thanks to Sony systems
Iwata disappointed by Wii Music, still thinks it’s a pretty princess
More Rolando content coming your way soon
Halo: ODST signals the end of Halo 3 content
Say goodbye to Free Radical and hello to Crytek UK
Three new PSP-3000 UK colour choices available soon
Breaking: Goonfleet stomps Band of Brothers in biggest EVE takedown ever
Home 1.10 update bringing a ton of fixes, sofas now seat properly [Update]
Left 4 Dead Critic’s Choice Edition, Survival Pack DLC detailed
Optional Resistance 2 covers are available, devour at will
Sony says the same things about the PS3 that Sega did the Saturn
Killzone 2 gun replica: Not as sexy as a chainsaw bayonet, but still pretty hot

Man chokes girlfriend with Wii remote after stealing cookies
In Sydney, Tetris is seedy and hangs out in dark alleys
In case you were wondering, this is gaming on a 269-inch screen looks like
Weekly Geek’s Chris Furniss creates BioShock’s Big Daddy

Watchmen: The End is Nigh screenshots, environment art
XBLA/PSN/PC game Battlefield 1943, Bad Company 2 announced
Hudson announces two new games, Onslaught and Adventure Island
Sega’s new handheld is not a gaming system, sadly
Stunning new art and screenshots from Fragile
New Uncharted 2 screens prove that Nathan Drake needs some kind of vest
Capcom news flood: Street Fighter IV DLC, Bionic Commando release date
Atlus’ 101-in-1 Explosive Megamix is like a party in your pocket
Resident Evil 5 screens suggest violence could play a large role in the game
Roll your own: 3 badass custom joysticks

Shining Force Feather trailer shows off lots of new faces
Buy Qore Episode 9, get a free voucher for Syphon Filter
Ghostbusters video informs us not to look directly into the trap

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