The Daily Hotness: The Musical Typewriter

So who knew you could make music with a typewriter? Pretty neat! Spotted on The Awesomer.

Sean Carey looked at choice and consequences in videogames, Jim reviewed APB, win Junpei’s hat from Persona 3 Portable, Alpha Protocol 2 ain’t happening, Hulu Plus won’t require PlayStation Plus and more happened on 07/06/10.

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Community blogs of 07/06/10
Forum of the day: Sin & Punishment: Star Successor


Win Junpei’s hat from Persona 3 Portable!
Win Joe Danger for the PlayStation Network!

Fight Night Round 4 sticks, moves to Games on Demand
Rayman Origins out for Christmas, might come to 3DS
Guitar Hero DLC for July brings Queen, Disturbed, more
Sega says there will be no Alpha Protocol 2
Japan to get Move bundles with Resident Evil, Time Crisis
Rumor: War for Cybertron DLC revealed
Plain Sight coming to PlayStation Network, supports Move
Obsidian wants to make Chrono Trigger
Sega to skip Gamescom for commercial reasons
Free App of the Day: Mr. Space!!
Survey says: Family Feud coming to PSN today
Wondering about Ignition and Samurai Showdown Sen?
Zombies DLC teased for Fat Princess
Crackdown 2 paid DLC revealed
Alan Wake original score available now
Destination Arcade: A new, smarter way to find XBLA games
Hulu Plus won’t require PlayStation Plus, preview will
Rage, 3DS, Dance Central steal Game Critics: Best of E3
Rock Band 3 trailer reveals Faith No More, INXS tracks
Blizzard will require real names for forums going forward
Sony already talking to devs about the next PlayStation
Deal North: Gamestop sale, FIFA and other goodies
LucasArts producer would ‘love’ Super Star Wars on 360
What is this Dead Space 2 image teasing?
Team Fortress 2 Engineer update: Manual sentry control
Limbo, other ‘Summer of Arcade’ games dated
Study: Influence of review scores on game purchases

Hot Toys’ Ezio figure is freakishly accurate

Soul of Darkness is more Castlevania than Castlevania
BlackLight: Tango Down hits Xbox LIVE tomorrow
Archetype on iPhone looks pretty rad
These Killzone 3 screens look like Killzone 3 screens
Castlevania: Harmony of Despair hits on August 4
Destroy Destructoid with a Firefox add-on because you can

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