The Daily Hotness: The Mr. Destructoid collectible

Oh hot dog! We’re getting a Mr. Destructoid toy! Colette teased the toy today and it looks pretty amazing. We’ll be bringing you more info on the toy as soon as possible. 

We reviewed Plants vs. Zombies, BlizzCon 09 tickets on sale soon, Broken Steel is broken on the PC, Dead Space sold over a million, Southpeak wants to know if you want a Ninjatown sequel and plenty more happened on 05/05/09.

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Community blogs of 05/05/09
Forum of the day: Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram on XBLA

Plants vs. Zombies

Oh WoW: BlizzCon 09 tickets will be available on May 16

Fallout 3 ‘Broken Steel’ DLC on PC doesn’t work
Capcom says dozens of titles on the way to PSN soon
Rumortoid: Apple interested in Electronic Arts
Schafer: Brutal Legend DLC will be ‘something awesome’
The Tudors being made into a casual ‘family-friendly’ game
UK Charts: Wolverine no match for Wii Fit
XSEED says an enhanced remake of a classic RPG is on the way
Europe, you’re getting Final Fantasy last again
Rock Band: New Rickenbacker and Gretsch guitars unveiled
Dead Space’s executive producer talks sales numbers
Want a Ninjatown sequel? Let Southpeak Games know!
Prototype boss says open-world games are hard to make
Civilization IV: The Complete Edition announced
Dragon Age: Origins goes pen and paper RPG
EA gives BattleForge’s price a good slashing
Check out the Nintendo World Store for Punch Out Challenge!
Marvel vs Capcom 2: your ‘ride’ begins on June 29th
Lost Odyssey creator talks about his next project
Square Enix sped up Final Fantasy XIII localization

Custom BioShock 2 figure from artist Leon Arseneau

Blade Runner and more recreated using cryENGINE 2
Cursed Mountain official website launches, scares me proper
Check out new screens and art for Hudson’s Help Wanted
It’s up to you to pick the box art for King of Fighter XII

Bayonetta looks great even in prototype form
MAG gets a Q&A video, you can watch with your face orbs
StageSet: make virtual films in PlayStation Home
First footage of Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny is … short
The Maw creator presents ‘Splosion Man
Fairytale Fights gets a cute and cuddly teaser trailer
Henry Hatsworth trailer rocks, reminds us why the game rocks

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