The Daily Hotness: The bestest soldier ever

Today’s HAWP gave us the treat of Ashley Davis’ wonderful art styling. She retold the tale of Metal Gear Solid in an adorable way. More, please!

Rev ranted about the most important game of 2008, Ashley Davis looked at some old videogame themed cartoon shows, Colette loves Final Fantasy VII’s Wall Marker, Jim reviewed Transformers, Samit previewed MX vs. ATV Reflex, Command & Conquer officially announced, MechWarrior 5 confirmed and plenty more happened on 07/09/09.

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RetroforceGO! records episode 95 tonight: Listener questions
Rev Rant: the most important game of 2008
From the Console to the TV Station: Part 1
Final Fantasy VII’s winning formula: Wall Market


Thanks, Fallout 3, for making me think about my actions
Community blogs of 07/09/09
Forum of the day: Assassin’s Creed 2: Better or Worse?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

MX vs. ATV Reflex
‘Splosion Man

GameStop hosting midnight launch events for NCAA Football 10

Miyamoto wants Wii Sports Resort island to be a ‘character’
GameStop: Reserve Splinter Cell Conviction, get a shotgun
The Witcher patch 1.5 strips DRM, also adds user content
LBP user-created levels might be playable in LBP 2
Arkham Asylum takes a cue from Prince of Persia’s Elika
Mythic Entertainment will have a hand in SW: TOR
Command & Conquer 4 announced again
Prototype is cheap on Amazon today
Dead to Rights Retribution delayed
Kingdom Hearts keyblade was originally a chainsaw (WUT!)
TV TrickleSaver can turn you too into a dirty liberal hippie
Ghostbusters, Fuel demos for Xbox 360 now on XBL
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 hitting XBLA on July 29
DICE is adding servers, fixing issues with Battlefield 1943
More (and maybe all) of Guitar Hero 5’s track list revealed
Tretton: Selling PS3s is like ‘being out in a storm’
Resident Evil producer: Adult Wii games need an ‘X-factor’
EA coming out with a new NERF game for the Wii
‘Call of Duty’ sneaks onto Modern Warfare 2 final cover art
‘Splosion Man, Shadow Complex, and more get priced, dated
Activision explains why Call of Duty’s back in Modern Warfare
Hey BioWare, why no Baldur’s Gate 3?
Good Old Games nabs Rebellion plus other assorted goodies
Full-frontal nudity ‘undecided’ for Dragon Age: Origins
Cursed Mountain cover art surfaces, lookin’ creepy
Shatter headed for PlayStation Network on July 23
BioWare’s Muzyka: RPGs and shooters are blurring genre lines
Scribblenauts has the greatest ESRB rating summary ever
Dante’s Inferno Web site takes us on a tour of Lust
P.E.I. goes to bat for Longtail Studios with tax breaks

Asteroids and astronauts make up today’s shirt Woot
Behold, a new MechWarrior game appears
Wiimote mod controls 15 ton metal arms … OF DOOM!
How to tell if a Big Daddy is about to throw down

Famitsu is useless for real info on the SaGa 2 remake for DS
Trials HD gets emotional, lets me talk about Boondock Saints
New Space Bust-A-Move trailer is filled with bubble popping
Alien Breed Evolution announced, looks suitably slimy
Save the world by destroying the world in Tornado Outbreak
Nathan Fillion talks about his role in Halo 3: ODST
Possible Halo: Reach footage hits the Internet (Update)
Jack Black explains the history of the battleaxe
Get Prototype tips & tricks straight from the source

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