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Yeah, I posted this on my community blog last night, but I think it deserves another pass for the front page audience.

Toobin’ is amazing, Jim debuts a new serious video series, Nick reviewed the DSi XL, Anthony checked out Sleep is Death, The Conduit 2 is confirmed, After Burner Climax coming out next month, zombie Street Fighter art is hot and more happened on 03/30/10.

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Community blogs of 03/30/10
Forum of the day: 3D Nintendo DS

Nintendo DSi XL: Is bigger really better?

Sleep is Death (Player mode)

Nintendo ‘kind of’ selling two WiiWare/VC games online
Geometry Wars 2 and Tangram to see price slashes
The Witcher Versus gets some screenshots
Learning about cars and people: APB Web site re-launched
LOL: Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Pack has launch issues
Man steals Breach game code at PAX East, gets arrested
iPhone 4G rumors hint at HD screen and multitasking
The Conduit 2 confirmed
Mass Effect 2 on sale at Amazon today
Is a man not entitled to his limited edition Andrew Ryan figurine?
Darksiders coming to PC this Summer
The Incredibles outfits, level coming to LittleBigPlanet
Burn Zombie Burn coming to PC this year
Persona 3 Portable gets a hot website
DRM we can back: Humiliating pirates for fun and profit
Harmonix lets slip that Rock Band 3 will have harmonies
There is now a Guild Leader’s Handbook
The Saboteur explodes onto the App Store
After Burner Climax climaxes all over XBLA, PSN in April
Dear Sony: Put Tomba! on PSN … NAOW!
EVE Online book hit book stands today
iPhone hacker plans to save Linux on PS3
CNN travels back in time, discovers RapeLay controversy

Zombie Street Fighter art is as cool as it sounds

Trauma Team priced at $39.99
Linkin’ Park game coming to iPhone, all 8-bit and stuff
Super Street Fighter IV’s boxart has been changed
Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions trailer reveals noir and amazing Spideys

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