The Daily Hotness: Thanks, Bomberman

Seriously, thanks Bomberman. This with the fish face in the background makes BioShock 2 the best box cover ever.

Dale loves Final Fantasy XIII, Nick reviewed Dante’s Inferno, we checked out Days of Thunder: Arcade, we’re giving away some great Dante’s Inferno prizes, Dead or Alive Paradise has creepy voyeurism, a bunch of THQ games are getting sequels and more happened on 02/03/10.

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Community blogs of 02/03/10
Forum of the day: Your most tense moment in games

Dante’s Inferno

A trip to the racetracks: Days of Thunder: Arcade

Win Dante’s Inferno prizes by indulging in a sin!

Visceral wants to make a Macbeth game
Darksiders might not be selling so f*ck you in advance
Harmonix song license requests hint at non-rock music game
ESRB: Dead or Alive Paradise is ‘creepy voyeurism’
Sony claims the PS3 is breathing down Xbox 360’s neck
BioWare: No, Mass Effect 2 isn’t coming to the PS3
EB Games in Australia pushing for R18+ classification
The Last Guardian team aims for realism
The bullsh*t begins: Fable 3 to re-invent game mechanics
Pretty in Pink: Jill Stuart ‘Sweet Limited’ PSP bundle
New Wii Zelda will be a Motion Plus exclusive
A trip to the racetracks: Days of Thunder: Arcade
Sadness is bullsh*t: Nibris’ official site closes
NIER gets North American release date, exclusive spelling
PSA: Steam down for a few hours this Thursday
PSN getting the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 demo tomorrow
Sony ‘actively thinking’ about PSN charges
Rumor: Nintendo to unveil new hardware at GDC
Metroid man Yoshio Sakamoto speaking at GDC 2010
Torchlight update 1.15 ushers in new challenges, fixes
Silent Hill composer now working at Grasshopper
Scribblenauts sells a million
BioShock 2 gets mandatory 5GB PS3 install
THQ CEO calls Sony’s motion controller ‘Arc’
THQ’s earnings call reveals sequelmania for 2011/2012
Aliens vs. Predator demo on Steam right now!
Visceral holds action higher than horror for Dead Space 2
ESRB apologizes for calling Dead or Alive Paradise creepy

‘Violin Hero’ string metal music video blows minds
Kratos hungers for more RAM: The God of War case mod
Let Bomberman ruin BioShock 2 for you
Final Fight, the fan-made movie trailer
Here are the runner-up Team Fortress 2 propaganda posters
Mario and Sonic have an awkward reunion


Meet Anders, a new Dragon Age ‘Awakening’ party member
Red Steel 2 speed drawing video is speedy
Witness the birth of God of War III’s Chimera
Shove this BioShock 2 launch trailer into your brain
Crack a femur: Trauma Team’s orthopedics walkthrough
Aliens vs. Predator demo tomorrow, have some shots
High Voltage reveals Tournament of Legends for Wii
3D Dot Game Heroes: Natural Sword Enhancement
Madden 2010 predicts Saints over Colts in the Super Bowl
No, Gladiator Begins is NOT a porn movie

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