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MySpace, Facebook and now Twitter have all been assimilated into the Dtoid collective. Yes, our robot claws will reach out to any hospitable social network site … except Raptr. F*ck that sh*t

Rev shows you how to not suck at Mega Man 9, Jim shows you how to not suck at the DS, Luc Bernad is coming back to not suck maybe, Moon is not going to suck, Sephiroth sucks, and plenty more suckage happened on 09/29/08.

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How to not look like an idiot in Mega Man 9
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Turbine job listing indicates existing MMO moving to console
Activision won’t let you cover and share other artists’ songs in new Guitar Hero
Nintendo has made ‘no such announcement’ about new DS, won’t comment on rumors
Sony Online: Future could bring ‘full MMOs that are designed for the PSP’
Director of 300 signs with EA, doesn’t promise sexy abs
Eternity’s Child 2 announced: Luc Bernard so good at quitting, he quits quitting
Puzzle Quest hits the iPhone
Police recover £600K of stolen PS3 games, then get it re-stolen
Cliff Bleszinski isn’t worried about the ‘casual’ movement
Spencer: Rare and Lionhead won’t close down
Sony sells 85,000 PlayTV boxes in a week in UK
BioShock PS3 is gold, demo coming soon
Argh! Here be the release date for Age of Booty
Internet tough guy too poor to afford $2 Mega Man DLC, causes sh*tstorm

Afrika coming west according to a Sony representative

Newsflash: The name ‘Maddie’ is not like the name ‘Hitler’

NBA Live 09: Because you’re a champion
Tomb Raider: Underworld videos bring the wetsuits and the Mexico
New trailer for DS shooter Moon
One-off wonderland: new Retro Game Challenge pics and video
How to not look like an idiot in Mega Man 9
Video: WTF is Nintendo’s new WiiWare title, Orbient?
Dress up as the Big Daddy this Halloween, little sister not included
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel demo available for PC: This game has skeletons in it!
This Skate 2 video has more walking than actual skating

C Blogs of 09/29/08
Feel the Hatred: Sephiroth

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