The Daily Hotness: Sweet Child O’ iPhone

Seeing all of the apps the iPhone has really makes me want to get an iPhone now. This Guitar Hero NES mod, however, isn’t one of the reasons. It’s cool, but I think I would have more fun with the balancing scale app than this. I’d be using it to level everything! It would be so much fun! 

Podtoid needs a new logo, the new Monthly Musing topic is up, Destructoid will be at the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention, Resident Evil 5 hit PSN, and plenty more happened on 02/02/09.

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We need a new Podtoid graphic!

Starbreeze Studios working on new Jason Bourne title for Electronic Arts
Hudson threatened by wannabe Bomberman
Sega Europe offers a more sensible opinion of used games
Wii Shop Update: Snowboard Riot, LONPOS, and Sonic Chaos
BioShock team looking for multiplayer talent
Premium streaming content option for Netflix being hinted at
E3 2009’s exhibitor list looks good, is growing
Square-Enix spreads its wings: will publish 007 for the Japanese market
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete has English voice track
Nintendo show their true colors when a fan loses everything in a fire
R-Type Dimensions coming to Xbox Live in February
UK beats out Japan in the overall videogames market
Free Radical needs some Nectar, studio’s future decided on February 4
Nintendo DS screen scandal: Sharp ordered to pay 261 million yen fine
Resident Evil 5 demo is live on the PlayStation Network today
Seriously, there’s no run and gun in Resident Evil 5, but here are your options
Microsoft fixes HDMI sound problem, rejoice
Resident Evil 5 demo is popular, downloaded 1.8 million times over Xbox Live

Wanted: Have you see this Mii?
Islamic leader wants more Jew-killin’ in his videogames

Shellshock 2: Blood Trail screens have infected people in them
New Yakuza 3 images are fantastically horny, action-packed
Under Siege is an RTS, only available on PSN
No cheeks but plenty of navel on North American X-Blades box art
More 3 on 3 NHL Arcade screenshots heighten my anticipation for the game
Dokapon Journey announced for Nintendo DS

Freak out your naive friends with the Ghost Camera app for iPhone
Check out this teaser trailer for Major League Baseball 2K9
First details on Madden NFL 10
Homebrew 8-bit NES game D-Pad Hero is better than Guitar Hero World Tour
F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin vid has fire, blood and sideboob

Hamza Aziz