The Daily Hotness: Sup girl?

Jim gave us all another Ten Golden Rules list focusing on videogame women. These rules about videogame girls must always be followed exactly and if developers fail to, then their games will fail miserably. It’s true. Just look at Half-Life 2!

Rockstar announced Red Dead Redemption, Super Robot Taisen OG Saga great titties, Lara Croft has a kinky dungeon, GameFly acquired Shacknews and plenty more happened on 02/04/09.

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Ten Golden Rules of videogame women
Dead Rising Wii … does it really look like vomit on a disc?

C blogs of 02/04/09
Forum of the day: The Bar

Archibald’s Adventures

The Dark Spire

NY Comic Con:
Sega bringing The Conduit, House of the Dead, MadWorld and prizes

Buy your copy of Resident Evil 5 in PA, meet some zombies

Drakensang: The Dark Eye/G9 Laser Gaming mouse winners announced

Retrotastic: Vinyl soundtrack for Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection for grabs
PC version of Dragon Age: Origins delayed until ‘late 2009’
First Street Fighter IV downloadable content sorta-kinda detailed
Rumortoid: SOCOM: Confrontation to get new maps, guns, factions and more
Revelations: Persona getting a ‘complete remake’ on the PSP
GameFly acquires Shacknews… wait, what?
Mass Effect and Battlefield: Bad Company sequels coming in 2010
Scene It? Box Office Smash ‘Award Winners’ DLC dated for Feb. 13
Sega should never have stopped making hardware, claims Sonic producer
Left 4 Dead on PS3? Valve laughs at your silliness
Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group acquires Snowblind Studios

Mytran Wars screens show large robots and aliens
Rockstar announces Red Dead Redemption for PS3 and Xbox 360
Traveler’s Tales bringing LEGO Battles to the Nintendo DS
Misfire? Time Crisis Strike hits the iPhone
Telltale bringing Wallace & Gromit to Xbox Live Arcade. How grand!
Tons of screens for Brandish: The Dark Returning
Be prepared: High-def videogame remake art is beyond beautiful
Boobs: Atlus announces Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier

Be still, my beating heart! WiiWare gets LIT, a horror action puzzler
Tomb Raider: Beneath the Ashes trailer reveals kinky dungeon
Eduardo: The Samurai Toaster looks flashy, shmupy, stupid and awesome

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