The Daily Hotness: String!

We rounded up our reviews for the month of September, Jim reviewed Samurai Warriors 3, Holmes checked out Kirby’s Epic Warn, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is out on December 7 and more happened on 10/04/10.

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Games of the Week for 10/4/2010: Zombie edition
Review Round-Up: The games of September
New releases: Enslaved, Castlevania, Comic Jumper & more


The Return of the New Gamer Dictionary!!!

Review: Blade Kitten
Review: Samurai Warriors 3

Yarns-on with Kirby’s Epic Hands

We’re giving away three Legendary Editions of Halo: Reach

NYCC: Red Dead’s ‘Undead Nightmare’ pack will be present


Katamari creator’s new company is called ‘Uvula’
Sucker Punch: Half a PS3 is better than a whole 360
Nintendo DLC: A Shantae sequel… also, baby animals
Left 4 Dead 2 coming to Mac tomorrow
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow demo hits Xbox Live
3D breast wobbling confirmed in Dead or Alive Dimensions
World of Warcraft: Cataclysm hits shelves December 7
‘One in three households’ have a Wii
Call of Duty: Black Ops getting stupid German censorship
Bangai-O HD pushed into spring, getting new features
Fans fix DmC’s Dante, make him look worse
Boo! Minecraft getting a scary Halloween update
Good move: OnLive drops its monthly fee
IO: Some reviewers didn’t ‘get’ Kane & Lynch 2
Free App of the Day: Pochi In Space
Modern Warfare 2 add-on maps are half price this week
Panasonic reveals Jungle, a portable MMO console
Japanese girl group to release a single for Kinect!?
Early 2011: DC Universe Online’s new launch window
Surprise reveal from major electronics firm coming today
Halloween comes early: Costume Quest dated, priced
HHNNNGGGG! Magical Drop F hits PSN tomorrow
Tales of Graces F demo coming to Japanese PSN on Oct 7
Supercard is sure their flashcard will work in 3DS

Vanquish ‘Enemies’ trailer
NASCAR The Game 2011 looks pretty, at least
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit demo out October 26
More Kirby’s Epic Yarn stuff to ‘D’aaaaaaw’ at
New Knights in the Nightmare PSP screens to dream about

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