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The Daily Hotness: Sleepy time 'toid

2013-09-24 23:59:00·  2 minute read   ·  Steven Hansen@poverotti

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Our resident music maestro Jayson Napolitano wrote up a fun Sound Card today that charts the best videogame songs to carry you off into a peaceful slumber. What are you even doing awake right now? Go to sleep! And bring some tunes with you.

Today, Dale delivered some waning Tokyo Game Show coverage and wrap-ups, Jim bloody played Race The Sun, we started a contest to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and began giving out a bunch of free games to Destructoid HUGE members, Chris Carter reviewed Real Boxing, and more!

Destructoid Original:

Race The Sun - Now Bloody Playing
Top ten game music tracks to sleep to
Very Quick Tips: Volgarr the Viking
Help mold our new show to your tastes! The Core is Live!
HUGE: Get a free game from IndieGameStand


Community blogs of 9/24
Forum thread of the day: Grand Theft Auto V


Contest: Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 from Dtoid and Kabam!

Review: Real Boxing

Gravity Ghost dances between planets, makes Newton proud

Tokyo Game Show:
Getting up to speed with Strider
Tokyo Game Show 2013 breaks attendance records again
Tokyo Game Show indie showing: A good start
Tokyo Game Show 2013 highlights (and misses)

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WayForward clears their Kickstarter goal for Shantae
PSA: The PSN will undergo maintenance tomorrow
Clash of Heroes will be free next week on Xbox Live
Spend $50 on PlayStation Network, get $10 back
Grand Theft Auto V's 3-volume soundtrack now available

Chrono Trigger Symphony Vol. 2 is hot and ready


This Batman: Arkham Origins Knightfall costume rocks
Alone is a horror game within a game for Oculus Rift
Killzone: Shadow Fall season pass is for co-op players
This is what next month's Battlefield 4 beta looks like
Lose the cops by hiding in bushes in Grand Theft Auto V
Saints Row's dildo bat is a weapon in Shadow Warrior
Neverending Nightmares draws horror from real suffering


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