The Daily Hotness: Sin Damacy

The new Once Upon a Pixel went up and this one focused on Katamari Damacy. Don’t f**k with the Prince of all Cosmos.

Are the Left 4 Dead survivors secretly infected, the new Monthly Musing topic is up, Jim reviewed Dragon Age: Origins, wear Bill’s hat in Team Fortress 2, Jaroo streams classic cartoons and more happened on 11/03/09.

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Dragon Age: Origins

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Contest: We’re giving away six copies of Magnacarta 2!
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Rock Band happy hour in Los Angeles tomorrow night
Japanese Final Fantasy Tactics concert will have 61 songs

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Check out the tiers of the Xbox LIVE Rewards program
You can tip over Brahmin in Fallout 3 and other facts
Scamco strikes again: Ludicrous Vesperia DLC hits PSN
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Britain gets its first game addiction clinic
Rumor: Duke Nukem sidescroller to hit XBLA
Microsoft man mocks the idea of Facebook on a game system
Games on Demand update: BF 2 and FC 2
Modern Warfare 2 has a premium strategy guide, seriously
Rumortoid: Walmart to sell Xbox 360 w/ $100 card for $200
Marvel trademarks ‘Iron Fist,’ game, film could be in the works
Splinter Cell: Conviction getting a fancy pants CE
An avalanche of indie: 2010 IGF entries revealed
Persona 3 Portable: Swag spread is superb
Iwata: Wii situation cannot be defined as healthy
Golgoth working on Data East IP after Toki remake
Encleverment Experiment coming to XBLA ‘soon’
Nintendo sort of interested in WiiWare demos … maybe
Toro gets evicted, new app to replace Mainichi Issho is like Hulu for cartoons
Modern Warfare 2 is GameStop’s most preordered game ever
Pre-order LittleBigPlanet PSP and dress up like a tank

The Sims: The movie
Namco Zippos: Dig Dug, Xevious, Galaxian, and Pac-Man

Jurassic: The Hunted Wii footage delivers … and how!
Tim Schafer walks us through the Brutal Legend DLC
Left 4 Dead 2 demo on Xbox Live for all Gold members
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Tomena Sanner is still crazy, even in English
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Unused Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix intro
Ezio has friends in latest Assassin’s Creed II trailer
Underworld dude talks Mirkwood in latest LOTRO trailer
No really, ‘Mr Roboto’ is playable in Band Hero, guys
30 Seconds to Mars declares ‘war’ on Dragon Age
Keyboard Cat lives on…kinda

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