The Daily Hotness: Sharktopus

Here’s the latest trailer for Sharktopus. It’s beautiful.

Win a official Dead Rising 2/Destructoid shirt, Inafune says Japan makes awful games, is going under or something, Cammie Dunaway leaves Nintendo and today just was a pretty boring news day in the indstry, wasn’t it?

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Win an Official Dead Rising 2 Vs Destructoid t-shirt

Kotick: Bungie is the last high quality indie dev left
Japanese Pokemon Black/White is DSi region locked
Army of Darkness coming to iPhone
Nintendo threatens Pokemon fansites with closure
Greenberg skeptical about PlayStation Move’s software
Sony: PSP has gotten a bit old
NPD: Digital PC sales overtake retail PC sales
Introducing Fingerbangcast, a RetroforceGO! spin-off!
PlayStation Move designer: Buttons are irreplaceable
Nintendo DLC: Learn the ABCs, remember the ’90s
Inafune: Japan is making ‘awful’ games
Sony: Xbox 360 relies on one genre
Kudo: Hardly anyone plays FPS games on PC
UK Charts: Halo: Reach edges out Sports Champions
Darksiders PC: Three ways to buy, three separate bonuses
Steam, XBLA nab Alien Breed 2: Assault on Wednesday
Final Fantasy XIV text issue turns Chocobos to Horsebirds
Free App of the Day: MadMaks
Campaign matchmaking planned for Halo: Reach
An update on the still-mysterious situation
Wiebe snatches Donkey Kong high score from Mitchell
Cammie Dunaway to depart from Nintendo next month
Sims 3 console pre-order items revealed

Huh, so this is what Plants vs. Zombies looks like in WoW

For the uninitiated: This is what MineCraft is about
The Poopocalypse is coming to Xbox Live Indie Games
Explosionade announced for Xbox Live Indie Games
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd shows OMG ACCORDION HAMMER

Hamza Aziz