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Have you ever wondered about the sex about certain videogame characters? Well Chad did and he did his best to figure out what certain sex certain characters are. Me, I never knew the generic Boos were female. Also, I used to always think Kazooie was a dude. What about you?

We got special Modern Warfare 2 themed energy drinks, Nick reviewed the PSPgo, Rev ranted about grinding, Dead Space 2 is in pre-production and more radical stuff happened on 09/30/09. 

Destructoid Originals:
Podtoid 118: She’s in Miami
Modern Warfare 2 drinks confirm map pack for Spring 2010
Rev Rant: grinding
Male or female: Ten videogame characters that confuse me
TGS 09: Things that totally happened at TGS 09


Community blogs of 09/30/09
Forum of the day: Dtoid Community Game Recommendations

Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 3
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
Hardware review: PSPgo

A Beirut battleground in Marines: Modern Urban Combat
Hitting the slopes with a flick: Stoked: Big Air Edition

Be a zombie, win Zombie Apocalypse for XBLA
The semi-heroic winners of the Champions Online contest

Play Beaterator and Chinatown Wars tomorrow in New York

Pop’n Music keeps its 9-button spirit on PSP
DSiWare games aren’t transferrable to new systems
Arcades: Super Street Fighter IV not coming to them
Fat Princess going to Japan, not bringing blood
Uncharted 2 multiplayer demo available for all
Buy the Mako from Mass Effect for your Xbox Live Avatar
Sony expected more PSPgo backlash than it received
Stoked: Big Air announced for 360, includes more snow
73% of Brits are gamers
Red Steel devs claim to have ‘beaten the waggle’
Strange Adventures in Infinite Space is finally free!
Assassin’s Creed 2 will have DISGUSTING sex in it
Split/Second box art features a car, explosions
Dead Space 2 is in pre-production
Oregon Trail coming to DSiWare
Silent Hill 2 screenwriter sentenced to a year in jail
Sega’s Daytona USA being revived with a new name?
NIS releasing discount PSP games on PSN tomorrow
Game Crazy having clearance sales this weekend
PSP Firmware v6.10 rolling out with Bluetooth shenanigans
Act surprised: DJ Hero sequel already being discussed
Production begins on Resident Evil: Afterlife

Super hardcore Mario Bros. 2 EXTREME!
Two custom steampunk modded videogame systems
Geek Chic: A Halo jacket that actually looks good


Geon Cube is more super and Pac-Man than Super Pac-Man
Do-do-do-don’t make another Chipmunks sequel, please
Final Fantasy XIII screens get their Odin on
Joe Danger ain’t afraid of sharks, boxing gloves
Check out this God Eater trailer (it’s called GOD EATER!)
Bludgeon and maim: The weapons of Fairytale Fights
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 trailer brings on the mayhem
Ghostbusters: The Video Game coming to PSP and PSPgo
Behind the scenes of the Halo 3: ODST ad
Matt Hazard explains how to deal with being a wash up

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