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Community member lv99Ron went through a really rough period recently. He almost died. He went through three emergency surgeries and spent three weeks in ICU during his ordeal. Thankfully, he survived and is doing much better now.

As you can imagine though, he owes a lot in medical bills so community member Alex Barbatsis organized a Charity podcast starring himself along with Chad Concelmo, Colette Bennett, Brad Nicholson and Stella Wong. The podcast is available here and all we’re asking is for you to donate at least 99 cents to help towards Ron’s bills. Show some love, Community.

Hollie and the gamescom team brought us plenty more interviews and previews, Samit checked out Fallout: New Vegas, win Puzzle Quest 2 for Steam, Catherine gets a sexy trailer and more happened on 08/19/10.

Destructoid Originals:
Fallout: New Vegas has a definitive end
GC 10: Day one wrapped up
Fallout: New Vegas’ Hardcore Mode sounds… hardcore
Interview: Producer of Star Trek Online on Season 2
Play Fallout: New Vegas as a pacifist or bringer of death
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Obsidian planning Fallout: New Vegas downloadable content
GC 10: Rock ‘n’ rolling with Mad Catz


Teh Bias: Critical errors at surface level
Ronathon All-Star Podcast! (Feat Chad, Stella, Brad, Colette, and some goofus)
Community blogs of 08/19/10

Monster Dash

Preview: Fallout: New Vegas
GC 10: Assassins Creed: Brotherhood single-player preview
GC 10: Kinect Dashboard hands-on and XBL expansion
GC 10: InstantJam: playing a guitar game in Facebook
GC 10: Enemies explode into little bits in Dragon Age 2
GC 10: You are the king in Fable III

We’re giving away 4 Samsung Galaxy S Epic phones!
Win a code for Puzzle Quest 2 on Steam!

CheapyD won the Saints Row 3 charity auction
Legendary unused Mega Man boss is news to me
Pre-order Valkyria Chronicles II, get some extra missions
Final Fantasy XIV on Xbox 360 not cancelled
Shank music now online, alternate costumes revealed
More PSP 2 rumors: Touch controls on back of system?
Developer: Stop calling Bulletstorm mindless!
Fate of Gears of War’s Carmine not yet sealed
iPhone shooter N.O.V.A coming to PSP/PS3
Too soon! Yamauchi already talking about Gran Turismo 6
Swery65 didn’t know Deadly Premonition was Europe-bound
iPad arcade machine goes up for auction
Sit down: Kinect dashboard nav works while seated
Sony ordered to pay 5 million yen to PS2 tech inventor
Free App of the Day: Aqua Globs
Level up in real life with EpicWin
Soldier: Medal of Honor is ‘war profiteering’
Follow Subway on Twitter to win some PlayStation goodies
Castle Crashers coming to the PSN on August 31
No-kill game possible in Metal Gear Solid: Rising
Our first look at the Mass Effect Series 2 figures
Sony: ‘The PSP has life left in it yet’
Final Fantasy XIV director is not worried about Bethesda
We won’t be seeing Respawn’s debut game anytime soon
No kidding: Red Faction: Battlegrounds will get add-ons
Sonic 4 revamped, minecart level totally overhauled

Videogame exhibit at the Smithsonian in 2012

Spencer’s sweet ‘stache and screenshots for ReArmed 2
Behold the power of adjectives in Super Scribblenauts
Watch Isaac get his arm cut off in Dead Space 2!
Scarlet Spider costume in Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions
Watch Peter Molyneux’s Milo demo from TED
New Pokemon, exclusive areas for Pokemon Black and White
Okamiden gameplay footage is predictably adorable
GC 10: Akatsuki fights in the new gamescom Naruto trailer
Two new Enslaved videos show individual talents
Nearly sixty images from Time Crisis: Razing Storm
Three Pac-Man Party mini-games for you to ‘meh’ about
Oh look, a trailer for Knights Contract
David Kassan painting with the uDraw GameTablet
Rainbow unicorn! Costume Quest gets first trailer
PS Jailbreak: A USB mod chip for the PS3
Shots of jerks looking like dicks in front of Kinectimals
The new Catherine trailer blows a load of info, assets
Dead Rising 2’s absurd sense of humor in screenshots

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