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The new season of Red vs. Blue started up last week. I’m definitely digging the more serious tone the series has gone with as of late as opposed to the more comedic stuff of the past.

The new Musing topic is up, Jim shows us how the PSP can be fixed, check out our new Lost Planet 2 interview, we reviewed Gratuitous Space Battles, the PS3 Slim gets a portable screen and more happened on 04/06/10.

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Community blogs of 04/06/10
Forum of the day: Impossible Gaming Wishes…

Gratuitous Space Battles Expansion Packs

Xenoblade gets even more lovely artwork
PSA: Some unpaid internships may be illegal
Sonic 4’s Eggman theme is from Sonic 3D Blast?
NECA to release Resident Evil: Archives series 2 in May
PSA: Plain Sight is on Steam right now
Gears of War movie project rumored to be troubled
BioWare explains lack of gay sex in Mass Effect 2
PSA: The Beatles: Rock Band is under $29 on Amazon today
Fable II, Fallout 3 hit Xbox 360 Games on Demand
New Ghost Recon MP beta to be offered on Conviction disc
USB memory storage support hits Xbox 360
Get fired for playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online now!
No More Heroes 2 finally out in Europe on May 28
Breast-flavored Record of Agarest War gets release date
NCSoft trademarks ‘City of Heroes 2’
Key Modern Warfare developer leave Infinity Ward
UK Charts: Just Dance versus Just Cause
BioWare Bazaar is go; get your fake Dragon Age sword now
Update: Mass Effect 2 DLC delay resolved
New WoW recruit-a-friend mount incoming
IRL Team Need for Speed racing collective created
Composer Tom Salta: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
Sakaguchi: The Last Story is not a Final Fantasy rehash
PS3 Slim gets an HD screen from Hori
War for Cybertron is Cybertron Adventures on Wii
ESRB: Agarest War has references to strange foreplay
XBLA Awards: People really dug Trials HD
Dead or Alive Paradise gets a nudity hack … obviously
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker gets optional install
Transformers: War for Cybertron gets pre-order bonus bots
Game music concert ‘Fantasy Comes Alive’

French artist making videogame-themed pasties
Final Fantasy gets fan translation … into Latin
Dr Octoroc pays tribute to Dr. Horrible with 8-bit ‘game’

Everybody’s doing it
Skate 3 demo hits Xbox LIVE, PSN next week
New screens of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge SE
Cave Story creator’s WarioWare D.I.Y. game, Ikachan
Here’s what Blacklight: Tango Down looks like
Watch Ron Carmel make his WarioWare DIY game Suck Goo
Creepy horror game Afterfall coming to PC, XBLA, PSN
Japanese Super Street Fighter IV commercial is…cute?
Hudson’s Knights of the Phantom Castle looks great, retro

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