The Daily Hotness: Recappn’ ain’t easy (08/26/08)

Because I’m such a narcissistic a$$hole, here’s my bloggin’ ain’t easy video again. Watch it, and feel my pain.

Here’s everything that happened today. If you’re going to PAX, please make sure your name is on the Dtoid PAX list. Justin Villasenor will be taking over the Daily Hotness while I’m out this week. PAX, here I come!

Tuesday Regular:
Games time forgot: The Punisher
RetRose Tinted: Beavis and Butt-head
Game Debate to the Death! Paperboy VS Bubble Bobble

PAX 2008:
PAX 2008: The list of all the Dtoiders coming so far

Win some loser’s Nokia N-81 Multimedia gaming phone contraption

Bloggin’ ain’t easy

Dtoid Q&A:
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Destructoid Review:
N+ (Nintendo DS)

LittleBigCopyright: Distribution rights for your own content explained
Sony doesn’t care about FF XIII on Xbox 360
Kojima expresses MGS4 cutscene regret
No need to plunder: Age of Booty will be $10
Ryan Payton leaves Kojima Productions, no MGS5 for him
Space Invaders Get Even to invade your wallet
BOOM!: Hudson announces Bomberman Blast announced for North American WiiWare
Gearbox responds to Halo 4 rumor: Confirms that it is indeed a rumor
Kojima tired of the MGS4/Xbox 360 interrogation
Gears of War 2 bonus disc contents spilled by BBFC rating
EA and Activision are responsible for 75 percent of Q3 releases
No console specific characters for home versions of Street Fighter IV
South African group wants games and music banned
Matthew Sweet considering lawsuit over use of ‘Girlfriend’ in Guitar Hero II
Tired of GameStop? Amazon now offers release date delivery for select games
Get pimp with Wii “vintage” mod concept
Stephen Fry loves his pink DS Lite
‘Several hours’ of Duke Nukem Forever gameplay is finished
New PS2 models are on shelves
Sony reveals sci-fi ‘tower defense’ title Savage Moon for PSN
Analysts: Could Nintendo make the next major move in the console war?
Guillerrmo Del Toro calls Team Ico’s games masterpieces
An end to Madden monopoly madness? EA asks federal court to dismiss lawsuit
City of Heroes update to add mission creator, day jobs, more
Dead Space: No Known Survivors site launches

Xbox Experience, 15 hr GTA IV DLC out in November
Gearbox developing Halo 4 for next Xbox
PlayStation 3 firmware 2.5 will let you screen capture
Chrono Trigger’s new dungeon, possible game sequel

Trailers & Videos:
Two WOW players use treadmills to run around Azeroth, almost suffer heart attack

Instant Replay: Star Ocean: The Second Story

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