The Daily Hotness: Reach

Go away. I’m playing the Halo: Reach beta.

Bungie and Activision announce a new partnership, win a Alpha Protocol iPod Touch, the first Dead Space 2 trailer is now out, Naught Bear is brilliant and more happened on 04/29/10.

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UFC Undisputed 2010 demo will get you laid
Bungie committed to Halo: Reach support beyond release
Exclusive: Lost Planet 2 to feature a lot of good stuff
The world needs to stop revolving around protagonists


Community blogs of 04/29/10
Forum of the day: The Chronicles of The Traveling Brournal

Win a special Alpha Protocol iPod Touch!
Get your Halo: Reach beta codes here… now!
Get your Halo Reach beta codes here… soon!

Obsidian’s Aliens RPG was as good as finished
THQ looks at Red Faction’s ‘origin’ and ‘armageddon’
Megaton: Bungie signs ten-year deal with Activision
This pack might make lugging to your LAN parties easier
StarCraft II Mac beta client available for download
Sony in class-action suit over disabling PS3 OtherOS
Halo: Reach beta plans detailed, beta ends on May 19
Trials HD is slightly cheaper today
Sony: Bungie on PS3 will create ‘Halo on steroids’
Capture ‘outrageous’ BioShock 2 footage, win big from 2K
Tune Runner Fusion is free on iTunes today, go get it!
God of War teaser site updated with another tease
Gameloft’s first quarter sales up 7%
Music from Dragon Age to be performed at Joystick 3.0
Doodle Jump kisses the sky with four million downloads
Dev aims for late May, early June release for Joe Danger
Boy murders brother for switching on a PS3 (as you do)
First add-on free for those who buy Alan Wake new
Y’all can stop yelling now: Steam hitting Mac on May 12
Dead Space 2 website updated with even more teasers
Rumor: Earthworm Jim 4 coming to Wii
Telltale reveals Puzzle Agent and it’s really weird
Here’s your Japanese SSFIV costume DLC schedule
Bethesda announces its new digs in Germany and France

The first Dead Space 2 trailer has arrived
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light has a long title
I’m officially convinced that Naughty Bear is brilliant
Super Mario Galaxy 2 stole my sunshine, looks hot
Mega Man Zero Collection out this June for the DS
New maps hit Command & Conquer 4
Puzzle Quest 2 training app hits Facebook

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