The Daily Hotness: Raskulls!

Raskulls finally has a release date! Yes, it’s coming out on December 29 and you’ll be able to play as Mr. Destructoid in the long awaited game. Yay!

A downloadable Ghostbusters was announced, Lame Castle is not lame, OnLive’s PlayPack plan was detailed, Super Meat Boy trolls PETA and more happened on 12/02/10.

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Dtoid Live: Nail’d and loving it

Community blogs of 12/02/10
Forum of the day: 2010 Destructoid Secret Santa

Contest: Win a Blue DSi XL and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn!
Contest: Win a 250GB PlayStation 3 & TRON: Evolution!

White Knight Chronicles PSP coming in February
Nintendo’s holiday Wii Party Airstream tour
Wii Speak demand is ‘limited’
Eidos: ‘Artistic’ Kane & Lynch not ready to die yet
Downloadable Ghostbusters title coming in 2011
Lame Castle now available (lol Sony lol)
European release date for Kirby’s Epic Yarn announced
Pirates of the Burning Sea now free-to-play
PETA parodies Meat Boy, Team Meat jokes about it
Deal North: Walmart, Toys R Us with some holiday deals
OnLive announces monthly PlayPack plan
Contest finalist Harms Way free on XBLA next week
Uncharted film plot not making nice with game plot
Namco Bandai patents game that puts ghosts in your pics
Thor film actors be talkin’ in Sega’s Thor game
New Kingdom Hearts soundtrack: four-in-one
Inafune launches a blog, wants to make new games
Raskulls launches on XBLA December 29
Rock Band Reloaded rocking the iOS now
Voice chat for co-op is on Dead Nation’s horizon
Super Crate Box out for Mac, Super Puppy Boy for Windows

These Silent Hill resin statues are pretty and pricey
Shenmue Stare: Daily Shenmue 3 haiku blog
CrimeCraft: Bleedout and the evolution of an MMO
Michael Jackson: The Vuvuzela Experience

More XBLA dates: A World of Keflings and Ilomilo
Super Meat Boy getting Tofu Boy, Mr. Minecraft is INSANE

Hamza Aziz