The Daily Hotness: Rapetastic! (08/13/08)

Isn’t it funny how Pyramid Head has become such a videogaming icon? He’s a walking rape machine and chicks just dig him. 

Sony wants Sackboy as their mascot, Minesweeper is coming to XBLA, Bionic Commando’s release in question, Capcom shows off three of the Mega Man 9 bosses, and plenty more happened on Wednesday.

Wednesday Regulars:
Podtoid 65 tonight, give us your love (and questions)
The Podcastle episode 17: Ramblecastle

Otakon 08: Videogame cosplay gallery
BioWare’s Dragon Age: Origins sweeping in, burning up PAX, Leipzig, and Gen Con

Prosecute videogames for murder? One crazy Thai offcial wants to
Sony wants Sackboy to be the face of PlayStation 3
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? She’s on the DS, you stupid ARSE
Minesweeper coming to XBLA: Pay money for a free Windows game
Mila Kunis brushes Geoff Keighley’s questions off, doesn’t confirm Max Payne 3
Color Treyarch unimpressed over The Bourne Conspiracy
Wii hard drive image is fake, good idea still doesn’t exist
Japanese-only Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia special edition looking good
Vigilante 8: Arcade submitted to Microsoft for certification
D3 tries their hand at the FPS genre with Unknown Soldier: Mokuba no Houkou
Cigarettes and MMO: Asian MMOs designed so players can smoke
Read up on your Hyrulian: Legend of Zelda Philosophy book now available
Pay money to get pummeled in Quake Live
EA exploring Spore movies and other media
Ghost Recon predicts conflict, Russians start firing at bushes indiscreetly
‘Psycho’ killer: Crysis Warhead given September 16 release date
2008 release for next-gen Bionic Commando in question
Captain Obvious: Capcom considering another Wii port
Say hello to my … never mind: Was a Scarface sequel lost in Acti Blizz merger?
Sony encourages you (yes, you) to steal its ‘LittleBig billboards’
Dyack: Too Human is so big one person can’t possibly get all the in-game loot
Possible Blue Castle/Dead Rising 2 connection? Ask the metal band
Jonathan’s sales don’t Blow: Braid still doing well

Unfortunately, EA Celebrity Sports Showdown is exactly what it sounds like
Here, have some NHL 2K9 screenshots
Capcom gives us a better look at three of the Mega Man 9 bosses

Videos & Trailers:
WTF is Fable II Pub Games?: Tutorial videos explain all
Mega Man 9 opening ‘cinematic’ will push retro fetishists into overdrive
My Aquarium for WiiWare brings a fish tank to your television in glorious SD
Thank God: Wii homebrew now allows for DVD movie playback

Hamza Aziz