The Daily Hotness: PS IM FAT

I never thought about it until today, but if a zombie apocalypse does happens and people write letters of love, then there will definitely be people who grief them. There’s humor even in the apocalypse.

We checked out DJ Hero, Topher tells you to STFU about Super Street Fighter IV, Game Crazy is closing a bunch of stores, take a look at a gutted PSPgo and more tight stuff happened on 09/29/09.

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Mixing and mashing: Hands-on with DJ Hero

UK event going to make Crysis happen in real life

Gyromancer began life as a joke
Microsoft is aware of ODST unreadable disc issues
Several hundred Game Crazy stores to close in October
Tim Schafer retells the story of how he got his first job
Game Crazy to offer a Dark Void pre-order bonus, too
Earthworm Jim HD built from the ground up, has new stuff
Uncharted 2 Twitter updates scrapped for being annoying
Fable II Episode 1 available now as a free download
PSPgo gutted, battery is ‘unofficially’ user replaceable
Beta signup begins for Star Wars: The Old Republic
Need for Speed: Shift demo available Thursday
UK Charts: Halo 3: ODST and Professor Layton clean house
Microsoft goes Xbox 360 bundle crazy this holiday
Indie game Immortal Defense is awesome, on sale for $3
Funcom layoffs cause The Secret World to be delayed
Resident Evil 4 iPhone gets a demo version
Get Left 4 Dead PC for $14.99 through October 2
New Sony ad portrays PS3 fans as Nazi sympathizers
Sony patent details handheld touch device
Darth Vader Wii sensor bar holder protects your virginity
Stan Lee would work on videogames if he was ‘young now’
Peter Molyneux hates demos
Ultimate frustration: Ghouls ‘n Ghosts for iPhone exists
WAR for Macintosh hitting October 28th
We built this city: Cities XL Steam pre-orders available
New Wii system update wacks hacks, yet Indiana Pwns
Resident Evil 5: AE bonus mission coming to the 360

Pokemon ‘Emergency Room’ T-shirt is depressing

Two real life Paperboy fan films, both full of violence
Subject Zero the focus of new Mass Effect 2 screens
Holy crap, we have a lot of DJ Hero videos to show you
Here’s what Ninja Theory’s Enslaved looks like
Confirmed: Green Arrow wears green in DC Universe Online
Front Mission Evolved gets a new trailer, release date
T. Hawk and Juri gameplay footage from Super SF IV
Fighting Fantasy preorder comes with nerd ’em up book
Geon Cube is more super and Pac-Man than Super Pac-Man

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