The Daily Hotness: Poppycock!

Nick unleashed his load of Nintendo previews today and one of the games he talked about was Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure. Henry Hatsworth is going to be an absolutely amazing game and I will gladly hype this game up whenever I can.

Codemasters donates $1000 to the SingSterling Challenge, Destructoid Discusses handheld gaming, the Mega Man 9 DLC is out, the new C Blog recapping account is up, and plenty more happened on 10/06/08.

Make Jim Sterling suffer, donate money!:
Extra Life/SingSterling: Codemasters pledges $1000 in support!
Destructoid joins Extra Life, presents The SingSterling Challenge

Monday Regulars:
Wii Shop releases for the week of 9/6: Bowling, MadStone, Mario Golf 64, more
Hey, Podtoid records tonight
Monday Mind Teasers 10/06/08
Scraps: This is gonna kill Hamtaro sales

Destructoid Discusses! iPod touch vs DS, also DSi

Destructoid review:
NHL 09

I can’t stop thinking about Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure
DeathWatch: Eyes-on Sega’s bloody Wii exclusive, MadWorld
My wife will love Nintendo’s Personal Trainer: Cooking
Undead poodles? Zombie parrots? Yup, this is Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop
‘First-person,’ not ‘first-party,’ The Conduit looks like a solid Wii exclusive
It only took three months, but I think I finally get Wii Music

Destructoid & friends South Florida event calendar

Mega Man 9 DLC is live on WiiWare, other networks incoming
Manhunt 2 destroying British society on Halloween
Nintendo waited on Wii MotionPlus tech for three years
Hip Chicas may keep your daughter from becoming a filthy whore!
MLB Stickball on XBLA this Wednesday
Xbox 360 gets two exclusive downloadable chapters for Tomb Raider: Underworld
EA divulges Dead Space’s composer, when you’ll be able to buy the soundtrack
FAIL: Nintendo confirms the DSi software will be region-locked
LucasArts and BioWare will announce joint project on October 21st
Buy Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, cuddle free squirrel
McFarlane shows off pictures of their Guitar Hero III Slash figure
Stargate Worlds is opening to a closed beta October 15
Media Molecule: ‘quality control’ the reason for lack of online co-op creation
All future SOE MMOs to hit consoles, also Everquest 3
Silicon Knights lays off 26 employees who were not against Too Human
Pre-order Resistance 2 at GameStop and get into the multiplayer beta
Learn Japanese with dinosaurs and flash
Mega Man 9 DLC round-up: Proto Man and Endless Attack mode

How excited are you about Jack Thompson’s disbarment? Want a timer for it?

Muramasa: The Demon Blade confirmed for Wii-exclusive release

LittleBigPlanet user creates a tribute to Final Fantasy X
Persona 4 webepisodes reveal scrumptious details
This Prince of Persia dev diary is all about the bad guys
Behind the wheel of Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Cblog Recaps 10/06/08

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