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Our review of Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure went up today and it got a fantastic score. Rightly so, as this game is wonderful. I played a good portion of it last week while at the Dtoid offices in Miami and picked up my copy today. If I learned anything from playing through parts of the game last week, it’s that I dare not open up my copy until this weekend. I’ll get no work done otherwise!

Destructoid Discusses Metal Gear Solid Touch in video form, we’re giving away some awesome Mirror’s Edge related prizes, Godfather II is getting a new multiplayer mode, Dead Space Extraction looks like it could be okay, Chad sleeps with Mega Man and plenty more happened on 03/18/09.

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Games time forgot: Tachyon: The Fringe
Destructoid Discusses: Metal Gear Solid Touch

Community Blogs 03/18/09
Forum of the day: MMOs – Do you play them?
The epic sandwich Capcom sent me in the Bionic Commando lunchbox

Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure

[Update!] Mountain Dew: Voltage winners selected, probably asleep
Contest Updates! Win a Mirror’s Edge notebook for looking funny

Grab LittleBigPlanet cheap at GoGamer in the next 72 hours
PS3 full of ‘relentless AAA quality,’ claims Sony (obviously)
Devil May Cry series hits 10 million shipments
Live out revenge fantasies in AIG Exec UFO Catcher
Mountain Dew Game Fuel makes triumphant return with WoW branding
New Xbox Experience coming with next issue of OXM
Ex-Splatterhouse dev hits back at Scamco Bandai
Majesco slaps down the trademark for Crafting Mama
National Center for the History of Electronic Games opens in NY
Square Enix introduces Rewards Program, avatars and more
BioShock Developer’s Edition artbook shows up at Take Two store
Godfather II release day patch will add new multiplayer mode
Combat gun crime by restricting World of Warcraft in Germany
Midway still making games, demo of one is ‘awesome’
Killzone 2 will get Xbox 360 fans to try a PS3, claims Sony
Namco offers downloading PC titles via Facebook for $9.99 a pop
Rock Band joins in the festivities for Pearl Jam rerelease
Ground control to Wii fans: Space Camp shipping in June

That girl that likes putting cats in her mouth has an Xbox 360

Dead Space Extraction releases some images, we post them
Hasbro Family Game Night out on Xbox LIVE Arcade today
Three Musketeers game coming to WiiWare, looks painful
Valkyria Chronicles gashapon in their bikinis spell yum
Check out some Monsters vs. Aliens screenshots
Salivate over these Dokapon Journey screenshots
Titmouse Games makes games, Seven Haunted Seas is the first
Atlus gives us Crimson Gem Saga screens and details

Atlus Spoils trailer shows off game footage and swag
Overlord II dev diary promises much more evil (also, harems)
Half-Life ‘viral video’ is not really a viral video, still cool
Mega Man 2.5D is the coolest thing you will see in 200X

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