The Daily Hotness: One Winged Hutt (08/25/08)

Oh joy! Dale North’s The Sound Card feature is back! I love videogame music and it’s always a pleasure seeing what Dale North likes. Or in this case with the latest Sound Card, what he hates. That One Winged Hutt track is … something else.

Destructoid Discusses videogame taste, I have a hands-on preview of Dead Space, E 4 All isn’t looking that hot, Dyack needs to stop talking, some guy isn’t shaving until Fable II is out, and plenty more happened on Monday. 

Monday Regulars:
Wii Shop releases for week of 8/25: Helix, Ys Books, Samurai Shodown 2
New releases for the week of 08/25/08
Monday Mind Teasers 08/25/08

Destructoid Discusses! On the matter of videogame taste
The Sound Card 004: The 8 most f*cked up vocal remixes

Destructoid Reviews:
iPhone review blitzkrieg: Pangea edition
Smash Court Tennis 3
Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty

Getting evil with THQ’s DS puzzler, Dropcast
Fear it: ‘Bodhisattva’ on Expert guitar in Rock Band 2
Pew! Pew! Preview!: Dismembered hands-on with Dead Space

PAX 2008:
Here’s what Microsoft is showing at PAX 2008

Tokyo Game Show 2008 exhibitor list: OMG SONY WILL BE THERE!
E for All looks pretty bleak

Final Fantasy XIII Agito screens for the three people interested
Take some Tales of Hearts screens while you’re at it
Being forgotten Eurotrash an ‘advantage’ according to Sony
Kojima suggests Killzone 2 controls are rushed
Left 4 Dead shambling into your home a little later than expected
‘Best of Show’ titles of Leipzig Games Convention announced
Confirmed: Leipzig GC is better than E3, exhibitors and visitors want to return
Fan remake of Quest for Glory II released
PS3 wireless keypad priced and dated, easier password entry costs fifty bucks
Register to vote through your 360
Sony exec ‘can’t remember’ the last time he hired a computer games graduate
Bionic Commando: Rearmed sells 130,000 copies in first week
Euro game industry rivals North American biz, according to analyst
Sony: Home is 100% definitely arriving in 2008
Dyack says that Too Human hasn’t been in development all that long
Dissatisfaction with Braid ‘does not compute’ with Insomniac dev
Sega pals up with ratings board on MadWorld
New Warhawk expansion adds rocket pack, new level
Yasuhara: Japanese gamers create, American gamers destroy
Rock Band 2 figures of your in-game avatars coming soon
CoD: World at War perks and weapons revealed
9/11 Space Invaders creator says the American reaction was “immature”
Silent Hill: Homecoming doesn’t need a box for PC
Gold farming ‘industry’ employs more than 400,000 people

Videos & Trailers:
Abstract oddity Linger in Shadows hits the European PS3 this week
New World Destruction trailer fills me with the DO WANT
Telltale provides a first look at the next Strong Bad’s CGfAP episode

Man refuses to shave until Fable II is released

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