The Daily Hotness: One button wonder

How do you all feel about the very easy mode in Bayonetta. Just press one button and you’ll destroy everyone on the map with your hairy powers. 

We unboxed the PS3 Slim, Dale checked out Demon’s Souls Tendency, Manhunt 2 gets rated AO, WET demo is on Xbox Live and plenty more happened on 08/25/09.

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Anamanaguchi playing in San Francisco this Sunday

Manhunt 2 coming to PC, ESRB gives it an AO rating
Dragon Age: Origins has over 120 hours of gameplay
Hut! Nintendo patents a soft football controller
Aliens: Colonial Marines depends on success of AvP
Target flyer confirms Xbox 360 Pro and Elite price cuts
Today, it is legal to sell adult games to kids in the UK
Mass Effect DLC ‘Pinnacle Station’ is live
Beyond Good & Evil 2 ‘on hold’
Sony’s spending how much on a PS3 ad campaign?
Lumines comes to the iPhone despite the lack of buttons
Final Fantasy XIII Versus development faster than FF XIII
Not surprisingly, Wii Sports Resort is a hit
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will have dual-wielding
Italy will help Assassin’s Creed 2 sell 9 million copies
Rare’s been battling the Xbox demographic, Natal will fix it
WET demo available now for Xbox 360
Square Enix loves the PlayStation 3 price cut
Ni no Kuni delayed, still no US release date announced
GTA: Chinatown Wars hits PSP on October 20
Diablo III will restrict content for some countries
Sony: We broke the mainstream barrier, not Nintendo
Create a shirt design, get it in No More Heroes 2
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles hits November 17
PlayOn video streaming service hits the Wii

The Megas announce Megatainment, a Mega Man 1 tribute
Mario Kart: The Movie

Bayonetta’s ‘Very Easy Automatic’ mode played with one hand
Check out the Gran Turismo 5 real-world side-by-side images
Unboxing video of 20 CD SaGa series music boxset
Heavy Rain is ‘very difficult to demonstrate’
Defense Grid coming to XBLA on September 2
Critter Crunch makes me wish I could vomit rainbows
Muse’s Matt Bellamy gets plugged into Guitar Hero 5
Professor Layton and the Devil’s Flute … the RPG?
Second Red Faction DLC pack announced, multiplayer only

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