The Daily Hotness: Not so night vision?

The good news: Modern Warfare 2 “Prestige Edition” is going to cost just $149.99. The bad news: Those night vision goggles are probably going to suck. Good night vision goggles should run you about $300 at least. 

Joseph looked at the divide between Dante’s Inferno the game and book, Jonathan Holmes checked out the Nyko Perfect Shot, Paul Robertson is the power of 4 billion %, Resident Evil 4 looks to be coming to the iPhone, EVO starts this Friday and plenty more happened on 07/14/09.

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Peripherally Speaking: Aviator

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Fight! EVO 2009 world finals start this Friday


University project uses the Wii to teach CPR
Rumortoid: Xbox Live Arcade snubbing indie developers?
id Software to continue creating its own stuff
God of War novels announced … seriously
Exclusive Club Nintendo item lets you beat up Doc Louis
Reggie Fils-Aime: Project Natal is ‘not news’
Additional sunglasses to be added to the Avatar Editor
Act surprised: Battlefield 1943 tops the XBLA activity chart
Eidos trademarks Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
Take-Two stock takes a nosedive after BioShock 2 delay
China ends electric shock treatment for Internet addicts
Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition will cost you $149
Xbox Taiwan is looking for an ‘angel’
More Duke Nukem Forever images released
Quantic Dream met with Kojima to discuss Heavy Rain
Borderlands has ‘dozens and dozens and dozens of hours’ of gameplay
Musical platformer Maestro! Jump In Music has you singing
ModNation Racers coming to PSP too?
Wolfenstein delayed a bit, nothing to do with Modern Warfare
League of Legends will be free starting this September
Teen threatens to hijack plane while playing WoW
Midway Newcastle has been closed
Battlefield 1943’s ‘Coral Sea’ gets unlocked for 360 players
Good heavens, that new Black Wii box is turning me on
Gearbox is the studio behind Duke Begins
Price drop! Madballs going on sale for 800 Points tomorrow
Telltale giving gamers opportunity to put their wit in Tales

Custom Sculpey Boy and his Blob figure is not edible
Paul Robertson + Udon + Darkstalkers = Amazing


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First attack! New Tatsunoko vs. Capcom vids, feat. Morrigan
Resident Evil 4 coming to the iPhone?
‘Historic Battles’ DLC hits Halo Wars on July 21
Murder, She Wrote gets a game … I don’t know why!
Fallout 3 DLC Mothership Zeta screens, details announced
Here’s what it looks like to Punch-Out!! Doc Louis
King of Fighters XII coming July 28, new vids to celebrate!
Hot: Marvel vs. Capcom 2: Jill vs Storm character spotlights
Battlefield Heroes reaches the one million players mark
Want a NyxQuest release date? Have this intro video instead
Kristen Bell lending her voice to Astro Boy: The Video Game

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