The Daily Hotness: Neo Kobe Pizza

Anthony and Ashley braved food poisoning and tried out Neo Kobe Pizza. The results are that it looks both really gross and really tasty. 

Topher has brought over Ready to Friday, we have Forums, Brad reviewed Patapon 2, upcoming Destructoid parties have been detailed, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time is getting remade for XBLA, Brutal Legend looks awesome and plenty more happened on 05/01/09.

Destructoid Originals:
RetroforceGO! Episode 88: Peripherals (also chaos)
Neo Kobe Pizza: a Snatcher-inspired dinner in pictures
Forums, we have them: May edition
Friday Night Fights: Indestructible edition
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Art Attack Friday: Jab Strong Fierce
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Those About to Die: Every Stonewashed A-hole Between a Double Dragon and his Woman
Community blogs of 05/01/09
Forum of the day: Bionic Commando Hype Thread

Patapon 2

Killzone 2 ‘Steel and Titanium’ Map Pack
Devil Survivor

Upcoming Destructoid No Apparent Reason Parties

Win a $200 GameStop giftcard from Dtoid’s Twitter Friday!
Rock Band catalog hits most metal milestone of 666 songs \m/
Contest: Win some Valkyria Chronicles figurines and art book

This is why we can’t have nice things
Rumortoid: Sony unveiling motion-sensing controller soon
Why Magnacarta 2 took 10,000 years to develop
Rock Band DLC: Franz Ferdinand, Allman Brothers, more
Old Splatterhouse devs back on game: Well, some of them
If Batman: Arkham Asylum is delayed we will cry (Update)
US version of White Knight Chronicles could have voice chat
Capcom on PC: Resident Evil 5, SFIV, Bionic Commando
Rumortoid: Microsoft working on full-body motion sensing
Scribblenauts gets publisher, Warner Brothers be thy name
Rumortoid: Call of Duty 7 is in Vietnam, Cuba
PS3 owners want Final Fantasy XIII more than 360 owners
Nintendo gets a break on price rigging fine
Come get trippy with the demo for Zeno Clash
Square Enix ‘New Game’ might be Front Mission Xbox 360
GameStop wants to see your mutton chops

Swine Flu found in World of Warcraft as I put gun to my head
Hardware porn: The Exploded 360 T-shirt
Custom delight: Reactor-88’s Dr. Mario and Dig Dug Dunnys

Adorable bullet hell: hot screens from Mamoru-kun is Cursed!
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat announced, looks ominous
Weird but cool: PS3’s .deTuned interactive experience


Worst. Zoo. Ever. New Army of Two 40th Day trailer
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite: new screens, bad v/o trailer
Overlord II trailer be bringin’ the Minions!
Turtle power! TMNT: Turtles in Time remake revealed
Brutal Legend trailer is like an angel singing
R.U.S.E. continues to impress with this second demo video

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