The Daily Hotness: Necro romancing with the dead

This didn’t hit me until late last night, but I now understand why I love the Necromancer from Castle Crashers so much. It’s because he looks a lot like Meta Knight! Conspiracy!!!

Jonathan Holmes looked at Nintendo of America, Left 4 Dead 2 will be playable at PAX, play with Megan Fox this Saturday, No More Heroes 2 will be out in January, the PS3 Slim got dissected and more puppy lovin’ sweetness happened on 08/26/09.

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PAX 09:
The Capcom store will be at PAX next week
Left 4 Dead 2 playable at PAX

Play Transformers with Megan Fox on Xbox LIVE this Saturday

Final Fantasy VII remake news could come at a ‘later time’
Rebellion: Aliens and Predators are still relevant
Gears of War 2 Game of the Year Edition shipping soon
Castle Crasher Necromancer DLC now out
Champions Online pre-launch deals limited, frustrates fans
Microsoft teams with PUMA for Forza Motorsport 3
DS RPG Sakuranaut sounds better than hot dog toppings
Section 8 pushed back a week [Update]
Cities XL available on October 9
Peggle Nights expansion coming to XBLA this fall
Quantic Dream reveals Heavy Rain DLC may be coming
Command and Conquer 4 gets fancy name
Venezuelan politicians want to ban violent videogames
No More Heroes 2 confirmed for January 2010 release
Microsoft ‘destroyed development culture’
Square Enix doesn’t think PS3 price cut will affect 2009
PSP Go deconstructed, innards explored
Reticulating splines: Maxis hit with layoffs
iPhone title Football U now free on App Store
Raven suffers ‘unprecedented’ layoffs following Wolfenstein
BioShock 2 artist series now with more Penny Arcade

Things you cannot has: Jack Frost beer mug from Atlus
Felicia Day loves Donkey Punches in The Legend of Neil
Gabe Newell is a sexy Victoria’s Secret girl


Soul burn on the go: New Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny art
PS3 Slim deconstructed, innards explored
New DDO: Eberron Unlimited screens emerge
Level-5 announces Fantasy Life for the Nintendo DS
2K Play picks up two new indie titles for Xbox Live Arcade
Leaked Famitsu Scan reveals Darius Burst for PSP
It’s finally time to ascend: Cursed Mountain launch trailer
New Serious Sam HD trailer is the best trailer ever

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