The Daily Hotness: Moose head

Dead Rising 2 is looking pretty awesome. I can’t wait to ride a motorbike with chainsaws strapped to it! 

Dale reviewed Super Robot Taisen OG Saga, Dale remixed a Rhythm Tengoku Gold song, I previewed Dante’s Inferno, Dead Rising 2 is getting multiplayer, Miles Edgeworth is coming to America and plenty more happened on 04/28/09.

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Podtoid 98: Brad Nicholson’s Hard Time [UPDATED]
Rhythm Tengoku Gold’s Laboratory of Love remixed
RetRose Tinted: Top Gun


Those About to Die: Dobkeratops
Community blogs of 04/28/09
Forum of the day: Dtoid Cover Art Thread

Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier [boobs]
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce

Dante’s Inferno

Avatars vs Home? MS survey suggests so
The Burnout Paradise ‘Cops and Robbers Pack’ gets priced
Killzone 2 intro movie not skipping, fix NOT coming
Pac-Man enzyme hoping to gobble up Alzheimer’s
UK Charts: Yes, more Wii Fit!
Bionic Commando multiplayer demo tomorrow, Xbox 360 only
D3 trademarks Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond
Japan needs some new game makers, says Square Enix CEO
Multiplayer? Yes, Dead Rising 2 will have that
Square Enix may decide to acquire another company
Fairytale Fights bringing hack n’ slash, gore and bunnies!
Lost Planet 2 possibly getting an early demo near E3
Fallujah developer: Canceled game ‘caught us by surprise’
Ignition and Tecmo announce Nostalgia for Nintendo DS
Thinking about hacking Gears 2 for Achievements? Think again
System requirements for Batman: Arkham Asylum revealed
MASSIVE Killzone 2 tournament coming, join the fight!
Tekken 6 heading to the PlayStation Portable
Konami’s Tornado Outbreak listed on GameFly…wait, what?
Console version of The Witcher may be cancelled
First details on PSP-exclusive Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny
Red Steel 2 will have cowboys and swords
Rumor we agree with: ‘PSP Go’ is Sony’s next handheld
PC version of SF IV will be Windows LIVE compatible
Bit.Trip Beat to hit WiiWare this Friday, unless it doesn’t
SFHD won’t be getting trophy support

There’ll be no objections to these Phoenix Wright shoes

Dead Rising 2 trailer in which Chuck wears a moose head
New look for Capcom’s Wii-exclusive Spyborgs revealed
Darkside Chronicles trailer: Daisy dukes, bald bastard
Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney’s English debut trailer
Singularity trailers show how to turn enemies into skeletons
Check out some new Klonoa Wii footage
Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper coming soon, new trailer
Toribash still coming to WiiWare, still looks totally weird

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