The Daily Hotness: Media overload

Today was a very busy day in the videogame world. Various events around the world took place in the past couple of weeks and most of the embargos all lifted today. There was plenty of content from Sony, Capcom, Namco Bandai and EA all posted on Destructoid today.

Chad shows us videogame pigs are the bigger threat, Colette interviewed Space Invaders Extreme’s lead artist, Samit previewed Madden NFL 10, Conrad checked out MAG, Dyson rolled around with Katamari Forever, Mass Effect is heading to the iPhone and plenty more happened on 04/29/09.

Destructoid Originals:
Interview with Space Invaders Extreme’s lead artist
Don’t fear the swine flu! Videogame pigs are the real threat
Games Time Forgot: Apidya


Community blogs of 04/29/09
Forum of the day: RetroforceGO!’s Great Game trading thread of justice

Madden NFL 10
PixelJunk 1-4
Dead to Rights Retribution
Katamari Forever
Tekken 6
Active Life Extreme Challenge
Food Network: Cooked or Be Cooked
Invincible Tiger The Legend of Han Tao

Reminder: Lord of the Rings Online contest ends tomorrow
Lux-Pain’s worm thought contest winner announced!

Kojima is hardcore, says he’ll make games until death
Story in which we explain why A2M’s WET is called WET
Hindu society gets its way, Sony preps an apology
Pixeljunk 1-4 revealed along with naming contest
Sled Shred for Wii, kind of like that movie Cool Runnings
Capcom isn’t going to abandon the UMD format just yet
Red Steel 2: set in the desert, WiiMotion Plus support
May’s Guitar Hero World Tour DLC scheduled revealed
Enter Tim: Super Meat Boy’s first guest star
Eye of Judgment with PlayStation Eye: $30 at Walmart
Lionhead announcing … something tomorrow
Get a head start with the ESRB’s 1 vs. 100 LIVE rating
Grand Theft Auto IV 360 bundle is the worst bundle ever

No, seriously: NES purse mod

Mass Effect prequel coming to … the iPhone?
Fat Princess level revealed in newfangled picture squares
Check out screens and box art of The BIGS 2
EA Sports reveals more of Fight Night Round 4 roster
Pata pata pata screens! New Patapon 2 images
Hey look! More screens! Check out White Knight Chronicles
Deluxe PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe snappies
Motorstorm Arctic Edge visual stimuli


The Humans is reborn for PC and DS
New inFAMOUS trailer shows how you roll
16-bit era homage best part of Bionic Commando demo
Dark Void is looking fine in these new screenshots
We Cheer 2 is a game in which you cheer
Kick pigs! New Tekken 6 videos and PSP screens
Namco shows off Magnacarta 2 for the Xbox 360

Hamza Aziz