The Daily Hotness: Maximum Overdeath time

Agent MOO’s Maximum Overdeath game is finally on Xbox Live’s Indie Games channel. The game stars Mr. Destructoid and is full of overdeath. Awesome!

Anthony checked out Darkest of Days, the PAX schedule is live, MAG betas are going out, more Halo novels are on the way, Behemoth’s Game #3 is so cute and more awesome happened on 08/12/09.

Destructoid Originals:
What the armor says: Crysis
Why 2 Spicy is the coolest arcade game you’ve never played
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Agent MOO: Maximum Overdeath now on Xbox Live
I suck at games: Nostalgia’s curse
Community blogs of 08/12/09
Forum of the day: A way to save Sonic?

Impressions: Darkest of Days demo

Contest: Win an exclusive E3 Avatar prop

PAX 09:
Make your time! PAX schedule is live

Accessorize in style with 18 new Team Fortress 2 hats
Resume links the next Hitman game to Batman developer
Class system ditched for Aliens vs. Predator
Codies: Natal won’t replace traditional controls
Play this flash game and help save an arcade
Wi-Fi company sues Nintendo, Sony and Apple
Wii charging stations recalled due to overheating issues
Young EGM reader can’t cancel new Maxim subscription
Sony’s response to Euro PSN frustrations: Blame publishers
Midway UK and France bought for … One Euro?
Dragon Age: Origins reveals full details on preorder bonuses
The Batcave is coming to PlayStation Home
MAG beta registry invites being sent out (Update)
Obama and Angelina Jolie avatars terminated in Second Life
Rubber Soul, Sgt. Pepper’s albums coming to The Beatles game
Raven designer will pay for your Wolfenstein… if it outsells Madden
Sarah Connor, Golum, and more to voice Risen
Meijer’s pretty sure 360 Elite will be $100 cheaper soon
Gamer stereotype used to discourage ‘gay’ as an insult
High Voltage really does love that Infernal Engine
GRIN shuts down
Check out the edible prototype for Jason Rohrer’s new game
Free Radical blames PS3 for Haze issues
DoubleBear’s ZRPG, a psychological zombie RPG
Even more Halo novels are on the way
BioShock 2’s concept artist shows off the final Big Daddy
GameStop taking pre-orders for Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Rumor: A peripheral-based cycling game coming to Wii?
De La Hoya to highlight Fight Night Round 4 boxer DLC
Free Flipnote Studio now available for Nintendo DSi
Microsoft to allow dedicated servers for Section 8
DJ Hero nabs The Scratch Perverts, DJ Yoda

Street Fighter IV concept art is a.) sexy and b.) pencil-y
These custom Mega Man toys are incredible

Oldie but goodie? Cancelled X-Men game for the 32X
New Command & Conquer 4 images and details emerge
Destroy the environment for profit in Greed Corp
Assassin’s Creed II dev diary talks economy, crowds and more
Pop’n Music Wii: still pretty, still no proper controller
Remember Blue Dragon? Here’s a video of the new game
Sony to update its online Trophy viewer
Behemoth “Game #3” development video

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