The Daily Hotness: Mack-daddy

50ft Samurai showed us what it takes to pick up the sexy Japanese booth babes. What a pimp.

Ben Heck made a special controller for Tucker Max, Colette told us about her first time in Tokyo, Dale loves the PSPgo, Dead Rising 2 is totally American, Ashley reviewed Champions Online and more greatness happened on 10/02/09.

Destructoid Originals:
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Deck 13 tells us how awesome Venetica’s Scarlett is
Ben Heck makes Halo 3 controller for Tucker Max movie
TGS 09: A noob’s first TGS report
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Community blogs of 10/02/09
Forum of the day: Careers in the game industry (Updated! Great resource)

Champions Online

RunMan: Race Around the World is a really good game

Madden 10 Online Franchise App hits iTunes, free
Xbox Live now shows Street Fighter IV as a Platinum Hit
Brad Wardell on GFWL: ‘You can’t do that on the PC’
An animated Spore movie is finally happening
The Chilean PS3 ads are fake
DJ Hero turntables, demos hit eBay, no one bids
Sony man tried to make God of War an FPS
Lost Planet 2 character customization explained
CD Projekt RED to be sorta acquired
Final Fantasy XIV beta to be Windows-only at first
Only Japan is getting two versions of NieR?
Queen 10-pack coming to Rock Band this month
Left 4 Dead 2 ‘early access’ demo confirmed
Naughty Dog: Uncharted would be ‘interesting’ on PSP
PSN version of Trine hitting October 22nd
A Crack in Time too big for one demo, will get two
Modern Warfare 2 DLC not being made until game is ready
ESRB Left 4 Dead 2 description reads like a blog post
Tales of Graces includes DS minigame, also a DSi title
Canabalt now available on iPhone, I still suck at it
New Modern Warfare 2 trailer premieres this Sunday
Lips October DLC revealed, dated, totally awesome
Rock Band DLC: Electric Six, Alanis, The Racontuers
Origins ‘Character Creator’ launching October 13th
SNK also joins the PSN discount party
Microsoft: Motion control will ‘become the norm’
Battlefield 1943’s price staying the same for PC


Brutal Legend video explains multiplayer, talks rock
The new faces and rides of GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony
READY TO JURI … er, FRIDAY (also, new SSFIV info)
Japanese Bayonetta commercial features hot model action
Dee Jay pummels Rufus in new SSFIV images
3D Dot Game Heroes: New character and magic system stuff
Zombie Driver allows you to mow down the undead
Axel & Pixel hitting XBLA soon, here’s what it looks like
Trick or Treat: Ju-On hits shelves October 13th
Kick off ‘Blob Month’ with The Boy and His Blob gameplay
Oh God: Behind the scenes of The King of Fighters movie

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