The Daily Hotness: Lightning Kick

I’m still not sure what to think of the upcoming Street Fighter. At least Kristin Kreuk is in it.

The winners of the Persona 4 contest were announced, a game on Bollywood is actually being developed, get Killzone 2 clothes in Home by pre-ordering the game, and plenty more happened on 12/29/08.

Monday Regulars:
Wii Shop releases: Maboshi’s Arcade, Cue Sports, Zoda’s Revenge
Last Podtoid of 2008 tonight blah year in review blah blah
New releases this week: Nothing
Dr. Chaos is screwed: Photo-hunt game Interpol hits Xbox LIVE this week
Monday Mind Teasers: I need some consoling

Easy Golf

Winners for our Persona 4 ‘show us your persona’ announced

Turn Home into Helghan by preordering Killzone 2
Street Fighter IV premium theme quietly tip-toes onto Xbox LIVE
Iran NOT joining the ESRB after all
Wii video service hitting Japan in 2009
Is Pikmin 2 getting the ‘New Play Control!’ treatment for Wii?
Want to be a successful wide receiver? Play lots of Madden
Wii Music, Summer Sports and other rubbish get dumped on by the Associated Press
Street artist vandalizes GTA IV billboards to make a point about black violence
Is Prince of Persia culturally insensitive?
The wait is over: first Bollywood game EVER is coming to PC
Woman tries to use Wii as a Credit Card machine … fails

White Knight Chronicles not setting Japan on fire

KOS-MOS cameo in Tales of Hearts
Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li has a trailer. Yes it’s a slow news day
Nintendo steps up orders for Wii MotionPlus component
‘Who hasn’t wanted to run and own a DQ?’ Um, me?
One-year-old baby genius redefines adorable

Today’s Forum thread: What IP would you develop for?

Hamza Aziz