The Daily Hotness: Leipzig overload! (08/20/08)

To say that there was a lot of posts today would be an understatement. Leipzig is in full swing this week in Germany and it feels just like E3 all over again with all of the new information, screens, and trailers being dropped.

The front page moved pretty fast today and as always, the Daily Hotness is here to help you catch anything you may have missed. 

Wednesday Regulars:
Podtoid 66 records tonight, with special guest Jonathan Blow!

PAX 2008:
Destineer announce their PAX lineup, Zombie BBQ included!

Mr. Destructoid cameo on R3Y’s Gameday

Bionic hands-on with Bionic Commando’s mulitplayer
Hands-on impressions with Pure
A week of Dead Space: The REAL signs from the Ishimura

Space Squid’s Mushroom Men fiction contest winners announced
Mushroom Men fiction: ‘The Legend of Shiitake’

Sold out: Japan has no more Xbox 360’s
The power of PR: Overcharged XBL member gets refunded
Too Human is just like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings … right
Up to 25,000 videogame pirates could get buggered in the UK
PlayStation 3 has ‘no chance’ of making any money
New Silent Hill: Rubbish Pyramid Head confirmed (also, November release)
Tecmo president goes the way of Itagaki, leaves company
Spend $40 to teleport in FFXI
The Sims 3 dated, apparently people care
Microsoft FINALLY fixing its sh*tty D-Pad? Yes it is … uhm … sort of
Primary Wii gamer is male, under 25
Sony goes nuts at GC 2008: PSP 3000, 160GB PS3, downloadable music and more
Sony’s newest PSP model, PSP 3000 announced
Rock Band 2 allows you to delete musical nemesis ‘Green Grass and High Tides’
Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune 160 GB PS3 bundle announced
Fingers, cramp no more: PS3 Wireless keypad announced
Bejeweled sells 25 million copies
Gerstmann-gate villain exits
Sony’s answer to the Avatar is the EyePet
All-in-one system seller sent to prison, fined
Alone in the Dark PS3 gets a new price
Yerli thinks Crytek couldn’t exist if it was a new company
EA announces unnamed tennis game will hit Wii first with MotionPlus support
Shocker: academic thinks videogames make people dumb
Activision announces voice cast for Quantum of Solace game
US antitrust authorities greenlight potential EA/T2 merger
Kratos invades Hot Shots Golf: What? Yes!
Grand Theft Auto IV DLC finally given a release time frame

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe screens are not so serious
New screenshots for Mines of Moria expansion
Playboy girls and sweet transvestites coming to Red Alert 3
Stoked brings open-world snowboarding to the Xbox 360 this November
Release your inner princess with Princess Debut
HEY STUPID FACE: This is how you play the new Bionic Commando
Hot new Bayonetta artwork does little to curb my lust
Get your werehog on with more Sonic Unleashed screenshots
Take cover: Fallout 3 gets October 28 release date
Sonic Chronicles: More screens from BioWare’s Sonic RPG
Golden Axe screens: Now with more ogres and arses
Suikoden series DS game details
You got your Space Channel 5 in my Samba De Amigo
New MadWorld pics: Now with more Ninja
Yakuza 2 screens … why, I don’t know
Mirror’s Edge gameplay footage, now in glorious color!
Dinosaur King screenshots: Magma Blaster!
New screens for goblin life simulator Dungeon Hero releases
World at War screenshots are delightfully explosive
Resident Evil 5 screens forget to show blood
New Far Cry 2 screens show off map editor
New Diablo III concept art and screens revealed, glorious color and all
New Overlord: Dark Legend screenshots and saucy information
Overlord Minions conquers the DS and my heart

Trailers & Videos:
New Mad World trailer is black, white, and red all over
New TNA iMPACT! trailer and screens help you ’embrace the pain’
Brand new Bionic Commando trailer shows off the multiplayer
Kano, Raiden, Wonder Woman, and Deathstroke announced for MK vs. DC Universe
SHOCKING NEWS: LocoRoco2 trailer is gleefully happy
New Prince of Persia trailer, complete with German commentary
Heavy Rain trailer heavy on rain, mystery, awesomeness
Over 60,000 possible ATVs can be made through Pure’s customization feature
Kororinpa 2 will have you playing with balls again in 2009
New MotoGP ’08 screenies and trailer
Consuming darkness lurks in this Jumpgate Evolution trailer

Hamza Aziz