The Daily Hotness: I’m hell’s messenger

The new Chronicles of Riddick game is going to be so good. I can’t wait to try out the multiplayer mode where it’s Riddick versus everyone. Something about being outnumbered in a multiplayer game always excites me.

Ash kills herself, Nick interviewed Monte Cristo about Cities XL, a ton of new Spore games are coming out this year, GTA IV’s DLC gets priced, Puzzle Quest Galactrix gets dated, and plenty more happened on 01/22/09.

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C Blogs of 01/22/09

The Maw

Spore Galactic Adventures expansion announced, customize everything

Play Resident Evil 5 over at Capcom London’s offices next month

Onechanbara goes gold, will be released February 10th
Meatboy hits it big, coming to WiiWare in late 2009
Former games journalist found dead in suspected murder suicide
Lost Planet film budget is out of control, will pull U.S. out of economic crisis
A buggering f*ckload of LittleBigPlanet content is imminent
Tom Clancy’s Guitar Band Revolution: Ubisoft seeks designer for music game
Killzone 2 <3’s CoD4’s perk system, decides to have one too
PC Puzzle Quest: Galactrix demo may help to sate your addiction
Rumortoid: Mario & Sonic doing the Winter Olympics?
Confirmed: GTA IV: The Lost and the Damned will be 1600 Microsoft Points
Three new Spore games announced for the Wii, DS and PC
Assassin’s Creed 2 confirmed, no I Am Alive in March, other Ubisoft info
Rumortoid: Pandemic still has Battlefront, Rebellion worked on PS2 version
Puzzle Quest: Galactrix DS gets a ship date, PSN version
It seems that Capcom regrets giving up some movie rights
Over 65 million creations made in Spore, no word on how many are penises
PSP tech will provide instant replays at sporting events
First details on H2Overdrive, the spiritual successor to Hydro Thunder
Ubisoft preparing for new consoles in 2012
Xbox 360 version of Age of Conan is still coming … probably

If you’re looking Grand Theft Auto Wii confirmation, this isn’t it
Gametech’s Wa Sa Bi brings Japanese style to PSPs and more
Wiimote dumbell weights falls under ridiculous Wii accessories you don’t need
Organized Pussy League (aka moral watchdog) hates LEGO Batman
Miyamoto signed DS sells for $1,600+

Flower screens lack action, but make up for it with grass
New Ghostbusters screens for people who like new Ghostbusters screens
Dawn of Heroes: new DS RPG from Majesco
Metal Gear Online gets new mission, involves bombs
Nobi Nobi Boy is Noby Noby Boy, still one of mother nature’s cruelest mistakes
Zeno Clash brings affordability and bizarre charm to Steam this spring
New downloadable level revealed for Tomb Raider: Underworld
DanceDanceRevolution S Lite is free on iTunes App Store
Electronic Arts promises us Sim 3 vampires, doesn’t deliver, makes us sad
Haunted mountain alert: Cursed Mountain screens show ghosts and large rocks
First screens for Major League Baseball 2K9 look like, well, baseball

Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and Zero for DS looks better than the Wii game
Watching this Riddick trailer is like watching antihero porno

Hamza Aziz