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The Daily Hotness: I floop the pig

2012-09-17 23:59:00·  2 minute read   ·  Brett Zeidler@BrettZeidler

Man, there really never is coming back from a pig being flooped on you.

Pretty much everyone was out of the office today, but still, Dragon Age III was announced, Microsoft renewed the trademark for Killer Instinct, everyone is claiming Borderlands 2 characters, we reviewed Borderlands 2, and many more amazing things happened on 9/17/2012.

Destructoid Original: 
Attention Borderlands 2 buyers: I have dibs on Zer0
Sorry to burst your bubble, but I've got dibs on Maya
Live show: Borderlands 2 midnight release get-together

Community blogs of 9/17
Forum thread of the day: Borderlands 2 (page 12)

We're giving away 1,000 DUST 514 beta keys!

Review: Astro A50
Review: Borderlands 2

New event GDC Next set for Los Angeles November 2013
Tecmo Koei's TGS 2012 line-up is what you'd expect

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1,100+ Rock Band DLC songs are going on sale this week
Fight to live in Aliens: Colonial Marines' Escape Mode
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3D Cartoon Land: Safari totally looks like that one game

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