The Daily Hotness: Hurricane Colette (08/18/08)

Lots of previews from the EA Showcase went up today. A few more are coming tomorrow plus some previews of non-EA games too. I’m just glad there is nothing going on this week. Gives me plenty of time to relax and get ready for PAX next week.

Find out the six best videogames to play during a hurricane are, the Top Spin 3 contest winners are announced, Dyack says a lot of things, a Tomb Raider Underworld trailer is finally released, Duke Nukem 3D is finished, and plenty more happened on Monday. 

Monday Regulars:
Wii Shop releases for the week of 8/18: Midnight Pool, Mega Man, Turf Masters
New releases for the week of 08/18/08
Galaga Legions arrives on Wednesday: Here are some screens to get you excited
Monday Mind Teasers 08/18/08

Original Features:
The six best videogames to play during a hurricane

EA Showcase 08: Hands-on with Burnout Paradise’s Bike Update
EA Showcase 08: Hands-on with Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
EA Showcase 08: Blitzkrieg hands-on with four of EA’s upcoming iPhone games
EA Showcase 08: Hands-on with Harry Potter for the Wii
EA Showcase 08: Hands-on with Brain Quest Grades 3 & 4 and 5 & 6
EA Showcase 08: New screens and trailer for BattleForge for the PC
EA Showcase 08: Celebrity Sports Showdown is horrible
EA Showcase 08: Three new videos for Mercenaries 2 contain plenty of explosions
A week of Dead Space: The first four Dead Space animated comics

Destructoid Interview:
EA’s Kevin O’Leary on Burnout Paradise’s Bike Update

Balls deep for Top Spin 3 contest winners announced!

Dyack: Industry consolidating like 1930’s Hollywood
EA/Take-Two shenanigans drawing to a close? EA’s offer expires, isn’t renewing
Spore rated PG by BBFC for ‘little buggers’ reference
Wake up, Alan: Alan Wake development is still going, despite problems
EA Games President feels the need to move to an online model quickly
Capcom wubves the PSP
Persona 4 sneak peek? This is not what we had in mind
Silicon Knights’ next game ‘nothing like’ Too Human: Good game confirmed?
A Squaresoft fan’s dream auction… except for the price
Over 100 possible NDA-breaking Fallout 3 screens hit the Internet
Yggdra Union is great! Also, preorder bonus
Dyack: Epic defrauded the games industry
Ubisoft CEO finds pleasure in Nintendo peripherals
Wet your pants time: Chrono Trigger DS dated for November
Paul W.S. Anderson ejects from Spy Hunter movie
Warhammer Online open beta date revealed
Epic: It’s not the size that counts (five minute-long GoW2 confirmed)
Hallelujah: Sony ensures peripheral cross-compatibility between music games
Customer pays $50 for a SILVER account?
Ghost Recon meets Civil War, probably terrible
Achievement unlocked, stepped in poo: Duke Nukem 3D XBLA is finished
EverQuest 1 and 2 getting yet another set of expansions, refuse to die so easily

Videos & Trailers:
Giant squid alert! First Tomb Raider: Underworld gameplay trailer
Third behind-the-scenes Legendary vid has producer hanging out in dirty bathroom
New Armored Core For Answer media shows improved mech customization features

Have Chun-Li on your iPod for ridiculous amounts of money

Hamza Aziz