The Daily Hotness: Horrifying elevators

Husky and I braved a haunted prison to get you this interview on Dementium II. Watch as we talk about the game and escape with our lives from getting electrocuted.

Ashley gave us some last-minute Halloween costume ideas, Left 4 Bed 2 was released, the God of War III Ultimate Edition was revealed, Army of Two go trick or treating and more happened on 10/30/09.

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Custom Air Man figure has a real working fan
Cole Hamels says random grenades in MW2 are ‘for pussies’
Capcom invades the Toronto Zombie Walk

Burn Zombie Burn! merchandise coming to PS Home
Let’s try this again: A much better Fort Zombie trailer
Watch Army of Two’s Salem and Rios go trick or treating
MUA 2 downloadable Black Panther can kick and punch
Walmart/Modern Warfare 2 advertising juggernaut engage!
Ace Combat + Idolmaster = model planes?
No Left 4 Dead 2 demo? Here’s what you’re missing
Twin-stick shooter Garters & Ghouls hits App Store
LEGO Rock Band launch trailer is badical
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SWAP!, Arkedo’s second Xbox Indie game
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