The Daily Hotness: Hello Gay Tony

The next Grand Theft Auto IV chapter was announced and it’s called the Ballad of Gay Tony. It was also announced that the two DLC episodes will be hitting retail as a stand alone game which means that I can get the two games at a discount when hundreds of used copies flood GameStop three months after it’s released.

Jim took a look at the gaming press, Bacalao! episode two was released, Holmes reviewed PiCTOBiTS, Big Boss and Raiden were shown in the Konami teaser site and plenty more happened on 05/26/09.

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Community blogs of 05/26/09

Nintendo confirms E3 press conference speakers, times
Brutal Legend to go crazy during E3, giving away a guitar

Art Style: PiCTOBiTS

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Rumor: Riding with Hawk, mixing records will cost you $120
UK Charts: UFC takes Wii Fit down, Octagon style
Fourth PixelJunk game has a name: PixelJunk Shooter
Resident Evil 5 may have sold 5 million copies by now
No Heavy Rain in 2009, confirmed for 2010 release
Rock Band Unplugged ships, still street dated for June 9
In-game advertising to be worth $1 billion in five years?
Yes, someone is making a Where The Wild Things Are game
Activision’s execs sell off some stock for a quick $60 mil
Ghostwire brings ‘augmented reality’ to the DSi
Surprise: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. sequel will have new locations
Japan: Order pizza with your Wii in the Catering Channel
No download content or multiplayer update for inFamous
WiiWare title Sexy Poker deemed too sexy for Australia
Jack Thompson threatens to prosecute entire Utah legislature
Blizzard music collection Echoes of War gets re-released
Diner Dash: Flo On The Go coming to Nintendo DS
No character DLC planned for Street Fighter IV
Next GTA IV episode ‘Ballad of Gay Tony’ coming this fall
Take-Two, 2K dates BioShock 2 for November 3 release
Sony stands interviewer up, sulks about inFAMOUS coverage
Big Boss appears on Kojima’s countdown: MGS5 confirmed?
Commander Shepard on cover of next OXM
One FightStick’s (hopefully) bloated price not a bad thing
Videogames and CO poisoning, together at last!
Confirmed: CoD4’s multiplayer is popular, has grenades
Red Dead Redemption and Mafia II delayed
Zune HD officially announced, brings service to Xbox Live

Dragon Quest meets Hawaiian apparel? Yep, you heard me

SNK’s fake April Fool’s Day game becomes real
Eat some new God of War III screens: Eat them!
Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron forced onto DS/PSP
King of Fighters XII online play detailed
Here are some new Army of Two: The 40th Day screenshots


Aliens: Colonial Marines canceled … for DS?
Dev diary: Airtight talks Dark Void story, we listen
Fairy Tales: Three Heroes gets talktative with a new trailer

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