The Daily Hotness: Hamza isn’t here (8/27/08)

Yep, unlike my esteemed colleague (who has it ever so tough) I wasn’t able to make it out to PAX this year (this video isn’t making me feel any better about it), and because I’m such a nice guy I offered to cover some of his columns. Now then, let’s get this not-nearly-as-fun-as-the-one-they’re-having-in-Seattle-right-now party started!

Nick Chester is challenged to an arm wrestling contest, Castle Crashers is experiencing some technical difficulties, Dennis Dyack still hasn’t learned to shut his mouth, and plenty more happened at Destructoid today.

PAX 2008:
PAX 08: Hudson bringing Bomberman Blast, Alien Crush Returns, and more Wii games
PAX 08: Rock Band 2 lead designer challenges us to an arm wrestling match

Guitar Hero World Tour to feature instrument, equipment licensing up the wahzoo
Cospa stocks Persona 4 jacket for cosplay fun
Ubisoft’s EndWar to get ‘VIP demo’ early October
Introducing the face of Boogie SuperStar: Natasha Bedingfield
PSP breaks 10 million sold mark in Japan
More Xbox 360 price drop sightings
Guitar Hero World Tour controller is not a keyboard
Wii Fit to be in ‘regular’ supply, my mother scoffs
Microsoft made out like a bandit on the Immersion rumble debacle
15 months in jail for porn and videogames
Sin City game quietly gets new developer
Tetris clone pulled from iTunes
‘Technical difficulty’ delays Rush’s Moving Pictures Rock Band DLC
Q Entertainment bringing Meteos Wars to Xbox LIVE Arcade
Resident Evil 5 team says that Western devs are ahead in music production
Dyack: Hating Valkyrie cinema means you love Too Human
Castle Crashers crashing Xbox Live: The Behemoth working on fix
Nintendo ‘never neglected’ its core fanbase
Will Wright loves the Spore porn, discusses possible console release
Attorney discusses the ‘games made me do it’ defense
Spacecat returns with a vengeance, bringing Gears of War 2 Achievements
Prepare your decks: Magic: The Gathering coming to XBLA next spring

Rumortoid: Max Payne 3 being developed by Rockstar
Rumortoid: Use the flamethrower in World at War as early as November

Trailers & Videos:
Sierra Online’s Red Baron Arcade coming to PSN on September 18
Second NBA 2K9 teaser tosses an alley-oop to Andre Iguodala [update]
NHL 2K9 Wii trailer is, well, waggle-rific
Easter Egg! Hidden karaoke game in Castle Crashers works with Rock Band mic

Spore screens show off space and civilization gameplay
Asheron’s Call 100th update tosses out new stuff for really old game

Justin Villasenor