The Daily Hotness: Greed

So EA sent Nick Chester a check for $200. We’re not sure what we should do with it so we’re having you tell us! Had I gotten a check, I would have just eaten it. 

The new Musing topic is up, Jim talked to Platinum on Bayonetta, we reviewed I MAED A GAM3 W1TH ZOMB1ES 1N IT!!!1, Nick checked out DJ Hero’s turntable controller, Valkyria Chronicles 2 is looking good on the PSP and more wicked greedy stuff happened on 09/11/09.

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Our $200 Dante’s Inferno check from EA arrives
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Community blogs of 09/11/09
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Impressions: DJ Hero’s turntable controller

TGS 09:
Sony is bringing a lot of good PS3 and PSP games to TGS

The more you know: Silly Trials HD secret uncovered
Sony pussies out over Nigeria complaints
LucasArts’ XBLA title Lucidity finally revealed
Halo Waypoint launches November 5
Nintendo won’t call a gun a gun
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles gets shanty
Music game sales are down 46%
US PS3 sales shoot up 300 percent
MP: Politicians should stop thinking about game violence
PS3 domniates Japan’s sales charts
Rock Band DLC: Anvil, Dinosaur Jr., Tenacious D
Forza 3 goes gold, demo hits September 24th
Creepy cow head: Sony’s camera-based face replace tech
XSEED says Fragile will retain its Japanese voice track
XSEED to write their own script for Lunar?
Katamari Forever demo hits PSN with two free levels
Nirvana is no fan of Guitar Hero 5’s Kurt Cobain
Disgaea Infinite revealed as PSN download
PSP Minis might find their way to UMDs
Sony ‘looking into’ new PS3 friends list complaints
Daft Punk contribute exclusive mixes to DJ Hero
Legal fight: Bethesda sues Interplay over Fallout stuff
Captain Forever is: awesome, now available
NPD time: Madden NFL 10 outsells Wolfenstein in August
Tropico 3 demo is available
More L4D DLC coming after ‘Crash Course’

Metal Gear Solid 4 keychains are badass

Meet Leliana, a wicked chick in Dragon Age: Origins
Valkyria Chronicles 2 is looking damned good on the PSP
Brink looks as good as ever in these latest screens
Pokeman Heart Gold/Silver screens are pretty cute
New Edge of Twilight screens still keep us in the dark

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