The Daily Hotness: Get ready to Black Friday

It’s almost Thanksgiving and you know what that means! Crazy shopping sales! WE’RE ALL CONSUMER WHORES! AND HOW! Keep an eye on Dtoid as we’ll be bringing you all the Black Friday deals as they pop up.

We brought you Darksiders Trophies and Achievements, Brits don’t talk much online, Halo: Reach screens were leaked, take a look at Mass Effect 2’s Collector’s Edition, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 beta coming to the PS3 and more happened on 11/05/09.

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Community blogs of 11/05/09
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Mahjongg Artifacts 2 (PSP minis)

Black Friday deals:
Black Friday: Get free LEGO Rock Band at Old Navy
Black Friday: Here’s what Kmart’s selling

Tekken 6 online patch incoming (once it passes cert)
Premium World of Warcraft pets now exist, are adorable
Unreal Engine 3-powered UDK released for the masses
German rating boards lists Phoenix Wright for the Wii!
Valve says Brits don’t talk enough online
EA not behind Origins DLC storage chest feature
Modern Warfare PC compared to Modern Warfare 2 PC
REO Speedwagon: The Game (we’re not sh*tting you!)
Activision responds to No Doubt lawsuit
Netflix PS3 discs hitting homes as early as Friday
Assassin’s Creed: Lineage short to air on Spike TV
Waste time with new Spore Islands Facebook game
PSP game sale on PSN has $4.99 games
Final Fantasy: Dissidia is available on PSN now
God Eater gets ridiculously huge ten-level demo
Chinese MMO sex verification: Gender identity system
Shocker: Best Buy doing Modern Warfare 2 midnight launch
Rock dudes like Cap America: MUA 2 demo hits LIVE
Rumor: Halo: Reach weapon pics leaked
id’s Carmack says iPhone Fallout for Bethesda possible
Left 4 Dead 2 pre-orders ‘four times’ that of original
Analyst: 360 owners ‘defecting’ to PS3 this holiday
Mass Effect goes half price on Steam
Heavy Rain’s David Cage wants game industry to grow up
Dragon Quest IX becomes best selling game in the world
Good Old Games gets Psychonauts, Advent Rising, and more
Game Boy inducted into National Toy Hall of Fame
These sure do look like Dishwasher: Dead Samurai 2 pics

New Stonesense visualizer makes Dwarf Fortress playable
Some had to do it: Shooting a DSi through a wall
New Kids on the Block NES game prototype on eBay

Introducing your Mass Effect 2 Collector’s Edition
Check out the latest Final Fantasy XIII screenshots
Link makes (unofficial) appearance in 3D Dot Game Heroes
Dark Void’s Will explored in latest dev diary
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 beta begins on Nov. 19 for PS3
Last Rebellion trailer is intense, arty
Atlus announces Strange Journey for North America
Yet another Bayonetta trailer
SSFIV update: Bonus stages and new online modes detailed
Watch this Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks ad
Hudson’s Creature Defense is a go for PSP, PSPgo
Prince of Persia film trailer, now in high quality!
This is how you’re supposed to play Rabbids Go Home
Split Second: Can your car outrun a building?
The martial art of Splinter Cell: Conviction

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