The Daily Hotness: GameNARPs for all!

Destructoid is hosting another epic GameNARP in Miami this May. We’re going to have a ton of games and everyone is invited to come by! 

Art Attack Friday featured the Giant Robot collection, Anthony took an extensive look at Far Cry 2, Jack Thompson to appear at the ScrewAttack Convention, Nick previewed Brutal Legend and plenty more happened on 04/03/09. 

Destructoid Originals:
RetroforceGO! Episode 85: Listener questions
Konami may kill Ben and me next week at their Gamer’s Night
Friday Night Fights: Alpha vs. Beta … Ready? … FIGHT!
Art Attack Friday: Giant Robot’s Gamer Over II
Indie Nation #55: Trilby: The Art of Theft
An RPG Draws Near! Jade Cocoon
Heart of Dimness: half-baked nihilism in Far Cry 2

Forum of the day: Rock Band vs Guitar Hero Instruments
Community Blogs of 04/03/09
Expanded Universes: The Life Force/Gradius anime
Expanded Universe: BattleTech

Reminder: Only a few days left to win a free Rock Band 2 set

Jack Thompson to appear at ScrewAttack Convention
Come play King of Fighters XII, Street Fighter IV challenge
Miami’s biggest gaming party returns! GameNarp FIU, May 15
Registration now open for PAX East

Brutal Legend
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Massive Action Game ‘only possible’ on PlayStation 3
Wireless Xbox 360 joystick revealed
inFamous dev thought Molyneux lied about in-game morality
Videogames as bad as kiddy porn, claims Bavarian minister
Team Fortress 2 Sniper update is next in line
Red Faction: Guerrilla’s Ostrich Hammer is not a joke
The Week in Rock Band DLC: Toby Keith, The Shins, more
9/11 influencing Beyond Good & Evil
HanbitSoft wants to relaunch Hellgate: London
Lips mic works with GH: Metallica, Rock Band 2 this summer
Atari: No PSP version of Ghostbusters in the works
Fallout 3 ‘The Pitt’ available once again
Interplay gets more money for MMO, ‘Project: V13’
Guitar Hero Smash Hits = Pure Genius
First look at Nihilistic’s Zombie Apocalypse

Katamari Damacy making thrift store paintings so much better

Gyakuten Kenji limited edition DSi features Taiho-kun

Latest Combat Arms update adds the ‘Nut Shot’
Namco’s Galaga coming to the iPhone, remixed
Battlestar Galactica composer to score Dark Void
Alpha Protocol dev diary talks story, RPG and action
Mega64 says: If you’re not indie, F*CK YOU

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