The Daily Hotness: Free tacos … FROM HELL

Like many other outlets, Destructoid got a check for $200 for Dante’s Inferno. Unlike other outlets though, we know how to have fun and we spent the money in style. Be sure to check out the epic video of Destructoid living large on $200.

Jim defended quick time events, Art Attack Friday looked at some Braid concept art, we reviewed WET, Trish Stratus is making a Wii Yoga game, Iggy Pop is looking hot in LEGO Rock Band and more evil happened on 09/18/09.

Destructoid Originals:
Capcom sends us Spyborgs, back-to-school gear
Greed is good: How Destructoid spent Dante’s $200
Defense Force: Quick Time Events
Art Attack Friday: The Braid that almost was part 1: Tim
Friday Night Fights: Die in a fire edition
Fanboy Friday: Bill Gates is a gay

GDC Austin 09:
Storytelling Through Independent Games


The Forgotten: The 7th Saga: My first foray into RPGs
Community blogs of 09/18/09
Forum of the day: Illegitimate challenges in games


Tales of Monkey Island: Lair of the Leviathan
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

Win The Longest Journey from Good Old Games
Need for Speed: Shift Twitter party at 3pm. Be there!

TGS 09:
Take a look at Capcom’s Tokyo Game Show goods

Live in Florida? Want to attend Infinite Bits for free?

Batman: Arkham Asylum ‘Insane Night’ DLC is out
BioShock 2 hits shelves February 9, 2010
Blizzard loses some minerals over BlizzCon
Trish Stratus coming out with a Wii Yoga game
New 3D Dot Game Heroes pictures and soundtrack info!
Activision: No plans for a PS3 Modern Warfare 2 bundle
Captain Obvious: Witcher 2 confirmed as a real thing
New PSOne classics: Final Fantasy Tactics, Tomb Raider 3
BBC continues to attack Sony for PS3 hardware failures
AFI track pack now available for Guitar Hero 5
Blizzard tracking 180,000 bugs in World of Warcraft
Go ahead, download the Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma demo now
Platinum addresses Bayonetta PS3 problems, blames Sega
Valve ‘bummed’ about Australian Left 4 Dead 2 ban
Huge Bayonetta soundtrack on the way
A Final Fantasy XIII book is on the way
Grab the Need for Speed: Shift PC demo while it’s hot
Ludum Dare gives us 144 short games about cave exploring
Street Fighter IV sequel may be announced soon … maybe
Let’s Tap gets an iPhone version, can still use the box
World at War PC patch 1.6 with more (free) maps out now

‘Chip Tuned Rockman’ coming to rock your face, mofos
Here’s how designer Tai Chiem sees the PlayStation 4
Some Street Fighter IV alt art for you to stare at


Brutal Legend: Black talks roadies in latest video
NeiR Replicant trailer is really rather promising
Alienware: More TGS teasing with new video…from Tokyo
Iggy Pop’s LEGO abs will appear in LEGO Rock Band
Angry table-flipping: It’s a videogame now
A special report from Weazel News on Liberty City
This Super Meat Boy footage is highly impressive
Red Steel 2’s TGS trailer introduces Payne, open mouths
We made these Zombie Apocalypse screens safe for your family

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