The Daily Hotness: Filthy sickness (07/30/08)

I can’t believe it has taken someone this long to speak of the evils of Half-Life, Alien Hominid and more. Bravo Jim Sterling. You truly are the Jesus of the videogame industry. 

The Podcastle tries out a new live format, Castle Crashers and Braid’s price points haven’t been set yet, Tera Patrick would be sexier in a Hot Dog suit, Denis Dyack gets interviewed by some Penthouse Pets, and much more happened on Thursday.

Wednesday Regulars:
Podtoid 63 records tonight
Scraps: Long Island is full of monsters confirmed (7/30/08)

Original Features:
The Podcastle episode 16: Podcastle LIVE
Ban this sick FILTH: Games that personally offend me

Spider-Man 2: Web of Shadows swag contest winner!

Destructoid Reviews:
Review scraps: Valhalla Knights

Monster Hunter prints money for Capcom
UK government favors BBFC, industry protests, Tory MP says stupid things
30,000 DS piracy devices seized in 2008. Is that good?
PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720: too early to talk about?
World of Goo developer speaks on Microsoft’s stance towards indie developers
Valve says no cake for you: Portal:Still Alive not coming to PSN
Bungie had non-Halo games that were ‘set aside’ under Microsoft
Australian politician is an avid gamer: Oxymoron a-go-go!
PS3 firmware 2.42 update shocks and amazes
Naughty Dog thinks PSN will have an edge over Xbox Live
D3 trademarks alternate various Onechanbara names, gives hope for sequels
Google AdSense coming to a game near you
Panic at the Disco, Dashboard Confessional to headline Rock Band Live Tour
Braben: ‘Rawr rawr pre-owned games rawr rawr rawr’
Tetris Party gets fall WiiWare release with Balance Board support
Microsoft says Castle Crashers and Braid prices are wrong
Get your Trophies in my PixelJunk Eden
AIAS President says game reviewers are lazy
GTA IV ‘threatens’ American values, whatever THEY are
Sony says Home ‘not a social network’ … didn’t they say it WAS?

Braid to cost 1200 MS points, Castle Crashers costs 1800!?
Zombies!!! being adapted for Xbox Live Arcade

Suda 51’s curious Flower, Sun, and Rain DS gets confirmed European release date
Use big mechs to blow s**t up in new Armored Core For Answer on PS3, 360
New SimCity Creator screenshots

Videos & Trailers:
Rule #1: You do not talk about Street Fighter Club
NBC’s Today Show takes on Rock Band… and fails
Porn star Tera Patrick shows off Saints Row 2. Also, Hot Dog suit

And then this happened: Denis Dyack gets interviewed by Penthouse Pets

DTOID helm? I has one
True stories from Destructoid’s E3 Intern B*tch 2008

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