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Seriously, Atlus. Way to market to guys like me who have no real interest in your usual games. No offense, just can’t get into the RPGs. Well, I will be now.

The last of the gamescom coverage is viewable, Nick reviewed Mafia II, Plants vs. Zombies is coming to the DS, DeathSpank is already getting a sequel, don’t do it dude and more happened on 08/23/10.

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The Destructoid community list for PAX Prime 2010
Community blogs of 08/23/10

Book review: Street Fighter World Warrior Encyclopedia
Mafia II
Shining Force (iPhone)

Plants vs. Zombies coming to Nintendo DS in 2011
Only 10 percent of players completed Joe Danger
Italian city wants their city removed from Gran Turismo 5
Vanquish gets a demo on August 31
HNNNGGGG: Sega registers Valkyria3 url
Co-op RPG Neverwinter announced for PC
UK Charts: Kane & Lynch 2 is top dog
British politician ‘disgusted’ over Medal of Honor
THQ: Pre-owned games cheat developers
GDC Europe 10 breaks records, returns next year
Free App of the Day: Minim
Halo: Reach Monument of Light update, films coming
Modern Warfare 2 becomes Britain’s biggest selling game
Crackdown 2 to get Toy Box DLC, paid upgrade
GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES now available for Rock Band
Dreamcast lives with new games by Redspotgames
Square Enix wants you to sing for Gun Loco
Blizzard talks StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm
Plants vs. Zombies DS will be affordable, have exclusives
Capcom announces new CEO and President: Kazuhiko Abe
A DeathSpank sequel is happening … next month!
PS Jailbreak PS3 mod chip orders open, related warnings
MotorStorm: 3D Rift revealed, coming out tomorrow
Robots in WWI: Toy Soldier’s ‘Invasion’ add-on
Catherine’s box art is a PILE OF SICK FILTH
Force Unleashed 2 gamescom demo coming to you
Valve: PS3 is better for customers
Bummer: Amazon drops Xbox LIVE Arcade codes
Call of Duty military advisor defends Medal of Honor
Uber rolls out the first Monday Night Combat tweaks
Mass Effect 2 ‘Shadow Broker’ add-on priced and dated


Mario Kart power-ups appear in bike lanes
Don’t do it, dude


Mafia II has a new vid and an epic song list
European Last Window: The Secret of Cape West site opens
Super Mega Worm is Earth’s final defense

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