The Daily Hotness: Dtoid’s E3 predictions

Today, Chad brought you the industry standard E3 prediction post. Except, it wasn’t quite so standard. Chad got hold of a real psychic in order to find out what the big three have planned and answered questions asked by the community about E3. It’s a very long article and definitely worth checking out.

Conrad got some interesting mail, Ben talked to Robert Siwiak about Section 8, the HipHopGamer interviewed Colette, we reviewed Terminator: Salvation, Beyond Good & Evil 2 coming 2010 and plenty more happened on 05/27/09.

Destructoid Originals:
Check out what I got in the mail yesterday
Destructoid’s Real Life Psychic E3 2009 Predictions!
Interview: Robert Siwiak, producer of Section 8
Games Time Forgot: Chameleon Twist
Spin the belt! My interview with the HipHopGamer


Other Worlds Than These: City 17
Community blogs of 05/27/09

Gel, Set & Match
Terminator: Salvation

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (hands-on)

More pre-E3 teases: Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage
Rumortoid: New Nintendo titles for E3, also Mario and Zelda
Activision’s biggest ever E3 lineup impresses

Tell us your favorite sequel, we’ll buy it for you

Numark, Genius reveal Scratch deck controller
Afrika is making its way to North America
Apocalypse Now scribe pens new FPS, THQ’s Homefront
Conduit dev copying Left 4 Dead in new Wii game
PS Home active users on the rise for some perverse reason
Top ten selling PSN games revealed for April
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce and Gundam 2 getting DLC soon
BattleForge adopts the Play4Free model
SouthPeak is publishing Sushi Go Round for the Wi, DS
Star Ocean: The Last Hope gets a 360 Collector’s Edition
Castlevania movie gets stake through heart?
New Pirates of the Caribbean action RPG announced
Ubisoft narrows release dates, skips Beyond Good & Evil 2
Lips: Number One Hits announced, due out this Holiday season
Wii Fit sales will be challenged by… Wii Fit Plus?
National Chicken Month, Guitar Hero 5 both in September
Killzone 2 patch adds ‘high precision’ controls
BioShock book to be published this fall

Drink in style with an amazing Servbot coffee mug


Aliens: Colonial Marines canceled … for DS? (Updated)
New RPG, Trinity Zill O’ll Zero, coming to PlayStation 3
Here’s what portable ghostbusting on the DS looks like
Neo Steam:The Shattered Continent early access beta is open
Natsume officially announces AFRIKA for PS3, sends screens
Famitsutoid: No More Heroes 2, Trauma Center 3 and more
Devil Survivor: New screens, time aspect explained
New Cursed Mountain trailer, I am so happy to see you

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